Xian is a faerie territory who fought for the Loyalists in the War. A large majority of the Dawn Court is made up of people from Xian.


During the War, Xian fought for the Loyalists, and therefore believed that mortals should be slaves and that faeries are higher in the hierarchy. Nuan's father and mother were born in this territory but moved to Prythian so their children could have a better future. Thesan's mother was also born in Xian and like Nuan's family, moved to the Dawn Court.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

During the meeting between the High Lords of Prythian, Thesan introduces Nuan who has a cure for the Faebane. Beron is wary of Nuan as she has Xian heritage and questions her motives. Xian supported the Loyalists, and Beron wishes to know what interests Nuan serves. Thesan reminds him that his own mother came from that kingdom. Feyre had once wondered if the body that Amren took was designed after their people due to their similar silver eyes.


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