The Winter Court is one of the seven courts in Prythian and the northernmost of the Seasonal Courts. This court was one of the three courts along with the Day Court and the Summer Court to rebel against Amarantha's control over Prythian. As a consequence for the rebellion, Amaranatha slaughter two dozen of the Winter Court younglings.

The High Lord of the Winter Court is the quiet and cunning Kallias. He is a pale-skinned man with a crown of ice. The Lady of the Winter Court, Vivianne, is also Kallias's wife and mate.


The court is made up of towering, exquisite palaces, full of roaring hearths and bedecked in evergreens. Carved sleighs were the courts preferred method of transport, hauled by velvet-antlered reindeer whose splayed hooves were ideal for ice and snow. Their forces were well trained, but they often relied on the great, white bears that stalked the realm for any unwatered visitors.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

A contact from the winter court informed Lucien and Spring Court that The Blight took out two dozens of their younglings.

Kallias watches Feyre's trials and bestows a piece of magic to resurrect Feyre and turn her into High Fae.[1]



Winter Court
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