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Wings and Embers is a deleted scene found initially in Target editions of A Court of Mist and Fury. It focuses on the relationship between Cassian and Nesta Archeron. It was later officially posted by Bloomsbury Publishing to read online for free here.

Plot Summary[]

Cassian is sent by Rhys to visit the Archeron's estate and give Nesta or Elain a letter for the mortal queens. He spends a good ten minutes just flapping about the house first, unnerved at the prospect of seeing Nesta again. When he approaches the door to the estate, Nesta opens it immediately. Cassian is glamoured from being seen, due to the mortal housekeeper that resides in the house. However, Nesta is fully aware of who it is and lets him in, pretending there's no one there for the housekeeper's sake.

While Nesta leads him upstairs, Cassian silently admires her body—particularly her generous breasts. They enter Nesta's room and Cassian removes his glamour. Nesta chides him for being late and asks after her sister. Cassian tells her that she is busy with the Hybern situation, and then tells her that he commands the Night Court's armies when asked about his role.

Nesta is hostile towards Cassian and is forthright about what she thinks of him. She tells him that he does not intimidate her and should instead ask her "nicely" about the mortal queens.

Cassian moves closer until they are inches apart. Nesta begins to fill with rage and lashes out with cruel words about her distaste for bastard-born brutes. When asked if she's ever been with a male before, she attempts to evade his question at first and her mind wanders to Tomas Mandray, who had once attempted to rape her. Cassian notices the distress on her face and asks her who caused this anger. Cassian swears that he would hunt that person down, if she told him but she doesn't.

As the sexual tension rises, Cassian leans closer to her neck, leaving light kisses up her jaw. Their intimate moment ends when Cassian licks her pulse point, causing Nesta to pull back abruptly. The two share some harsh remarks and Cassian tells her to mail the letter to the mortal queens. They continue to tease and push each other's limits, causing Nesta to become aggressive and try slamming her knee into Cassian's crotch.

Cassian manages to catch her just in time and goes on to aggravate her by asking what she's hiding beneath those skirts and walls. In response, Nesta tricks him into thinking she's about to kiss him and successfully knees him between his legs this time. Shocked, he staggers back into a couch in pain.

Nesta simply tells him that the mortal queens have not contacted them and that she will mail the new letter tomorrow. She also warns him never to return to their estate and to send someone else next time. Nesta promptly walks out the door and Cassian leaves soon after through Nesta's bedroom window, her gaze a lingering burn at the back of his mind.




  • Cassian reveals during this story that he deeply regretted sleeping with Morrigan during his youth.
  • Both Nesta and Cassian allude to the fact that Rhys is clearly in love with Feyre, while Feyre herself also seems to be falling for him.
  • This is the first piece of literature in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series to be written in a third person point of view.
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