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Will-o'-the-wisps are spirits of air and light that appear on the grounds of the Spring Court at each Summer Solstice to celebrate the official arrival of summer.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

While Feyre Archeron is living in the Spring Court of Prythian she sees that the entire court is preparing to celebrate the Summer Solstice and is invited to attend. According to Tamlin, before the arrival of Amarantha, on the Summer Solstice a great party was held in the Summer Court but for forty-nine years it had not been celebrated there anymore so the inhabitants of the Spring Court are having their own party on the grounds of the manor.

According to Tamlin and Lucien Vanserra, the day of the Summer Solstice is to forget everything and enjoy, there is no difference between High Fae and Lesser Faeries.

At the party Feyre drinks Faerie Wine, much to Lucien's frustration, which causes her great euphoria and disinhibition so she dances all night with the Fae around a large bonfire while Tamlin plays his fiddle. Later Tamlin takes her to a small clearing where the will-o'-the-wisps dance and sing to celebrate the beginning of summer.

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