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This song was sung by Stryga, the Weaver, when Feyre Archeron visits her home for the first time.


A Court of Mist and Fury []

When Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court sends Feyre to the Weaver's Cottage to find an object of his that disappeared years ago as a form of training she finds the Weaver spinning on her spinning wheel while singing a song. When Feyre identifies the object the Weaver notices her presence, stops singing and causes the spinning wheel to slow down to a stop and then magically seals her house to prevent Feyre from escaping, which she does anyway but through the fireplace.


This are the lyrics to the song the Weaver was singing:

There were two sisters, they went playing,
To see their father's ship come sailing...
And when they came unto the sea-brim
The elder did push the younger in.
Sometimes she sank, sometimes she swam,
'Til her corpse came to the miller's dam.
But what did he do with her breastbone?
He made him a viol to play on.
What'd he do with her fingers so small?
He made pegs to his viol withall.
And what did he do with her nose-ridge?
Unto his viol he made a bridge.
What did he do with her veins so blue?
He made strings to his viol thereto.
What did he do with her eyes so bright?
On his viol he set at first light.
What did he do with her tongue so rough?
'Twas the new till and it spoke enough.
Then bespake the treble string,
"O yonder is my father the king."
Then bespoke the second string,
"O yonder sits my mother the queen."
Then bespake the strings all three,
"Yonder is my sister that drowned me."


  • According to Feyre, she had heard that song before when she was mortal but the lyrics differed a bit.
  • The song has a similar theme and structure to English folk song, The Twa Sisters, in which a woman's bones are used to make a harp. This song is also referenced in Sistersong by Lucy Holland.


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