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The water-wraith is a species of Lesser Faeries that lives in Prythian.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Feyre Archeron meets them for the first time in the Spring Court, during the first Tithe after the events of Under the Mountain, when one of them begs Tamlin, the High Lord not to punish her and her sisters because they can't pay the Tithe. In fact, their lake is empty of fishes and they are starving, because water-wraiths never stop eating. Tamlin refuses and tells her she has three days to collect her payment.

Feyre, the future wife of the High Lord, goes to the Water-wraith and, out of pity, while remembering when she also suffered like that, gives the water-wraith her jewelry so that she can use it as payment. The water-wraith thanks Feyre and tells her that she and her sisters are now in debt to her.

When Feyre and Amren are at the temple in the Summer Court where one of the halves of the Book of Breathings was hidden, the ocean, controlled by Tarquin, the High Lord of the court, almost drowns them but they were rescued by some water-wraiths, who tell Feyre that their debt with her is paid.


Water-wraiths are slender and gray-skinned. They wear no clothes. They have long, dark hair that hangs limply over their breasts, a sharp angular face and massive eyes that are wholly black. When they move, the light shimmer on their iridescent skin. Their teeth are as sharp and jagged as a pike’s. They have webbed fingers with jagged nails and webbed, clawed feet. Their nose is little more than two slits, and delicate gills flare beneath their ears. Their skin is cold and clammy.



  • It can be assumed that they are mainly living underwater.
  • Although it's not confirmed water-wraiths might be females only.
  • In A Court of Mist and Fury, they were described as insatiable - their appetite is never sated.
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