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War-Camps, also called war-bands, were the social unit structure used by groups of Illyrians within the Illyrian Mountains of the Night Court. Each was led by a war-lord, addressed as Lord, and contained Illyrian warriors along with their families and other non-combatants. Each war-camp functioned independently of the other, and were known to raid or feud among themselves. During times of war, the various war-camps would unite under the High Lord of the Night Court into the Illyrian Legion, which was considered the largest standing army in Prythian .

Males within the war-camp were trained to join the Legion. Some would drop out of military training to become merchants, blacksmiths, shopkeepers, etc. Male children were trained to be warriors since they were eight, when they were literally thrown into the sparring arena by their mothers and left to fend for themselves. All female members were expected to do the domestic labor including cooking, cleaning, laundry, and child-rearing. Females who did not not perform their chores could be punished by camp-mothers or whatever males were in charge of them. They were trained to lower their eyes when in the presence of males. In some war-camps, it was standard for their wings to be cut when they had their first period.

Under High Lord Rhysand's rule, Clipping was banned, but the more zealous camps, deep within the mountains still do it. When Amarantha came into power, some war-camps started wing-clipping again claiming it was to keep their women safe. He also worked to allow female Illyrians to train to join the Legion if they wished. Cassian has been trying to build an aerial fighting unit amongst the females, trying to prove that they have a place on the battlefield. So far, he's managed to train a few dedicated warriors, but the males make their life so miserable that many of them have left. Few war-lords let the girls train. Some camps have issued decrees that if a female was caught training, she was to be deemed unmarriageable. Rhysand claims he can't fight against things like that, not without slaughtering the leaders of each camp.[1]

Known War-Camps:[]

  • Windhaven: Windhaven was the war-camp Rhysand, Azriel, and Cassian were trained in. Its war-lord, Devlon, also served as Commander of the entire Illyrian Legion when the war-camps were united. 
  • Ironcrest: A large war-camp considered a rival of Windhaven. By A Court of Frost and Starlight, Kallon, the son of its current war-lord, has begun spreading slander directed at Rhysand and Cassian among war-camps to cause dissent.