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Void is the name of a fabric created by Aranea, a High Fae who resides in Velaris.


A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Aranea is a weaver who was born or moved at some point in her life to Velaris, where she married a man and was married to him for three hundred years.

She owns a gallery where she sells things she weaves, such as tapestries and blankets. The day Hybern attacked the Summer Court her husband was among those who went to help and were killed in the battle of Adriata. The day after she heard the news she created a fabric, which she named Void, and with it she wove a tapestry in the shape of the Night Court insignia. The fabric creates an absence of color as it represents her feeling of loss.

After the end of the War with Hybern her gallery is visited by Feyre and Elain Archeron when they are looking for gifts to give away on Winter Solstice. She tells them the story of the Void and in the end Feyre buys the tapestry, which some time later she hangs in the her studio in the Rainbow of Velaris that she opens to show those who would like to learn how to paint for free.

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