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This unnamed High Fae is the sister of Viviane, the lady of the Winter Court.


When Amarantha strikes Prythian, Kallias, the High Lord of the Winter Court warns Viviane in time and she is able to hide a small town and its inhabitants using magic so they do not have to face the horrors of Under the Mountain. It's likely her sister was in this city with her during that time.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

She is seen at the Winter Court war camp walking alongside her sister, Morrigan and Briar.

She later participates in the battle that breaks out in the Winter Court and in the final battle against Hybern in the southern Mortal Lands of Prythian.

After the War is over, she attends the meeting called by Feyre Archeron in the ruins of the Archeron's Estate to renegotiate the terms of a new Treaty.


When Feyre sees her she thinks she might be Viviane's twin, therefore she has blue eyes and white hair like her sister and resembles her greatly.

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