Viviane is the Lady of Winter Court, married to High Lord of the Winter Court Kallias. She is mentioned to have a sister that remains unnamed in the series. Morrigan and Viviane are also good friends. Viviane fought in the final battle with Hybern.


Viviane has been best friends with Kallias since her early childhood. Before the events of Under the Mountain, she was placed on border duty by Kallias to keep her away from the scheming of life at court. When Amarantha conquered Prythian Kallias had only enough time to warn her, tell her that he loved her and beg her to protect his people. She was hidden away in a small city in the Winter Court, using her powers to veil and guard it. Safe harbor was offered to anyone who managed to make it. During the years she spent trying to free Kallias and hold the court togeter, Viviane realized that she loved him as well.

When Kallias finally returned he winnowed to her. She kissed him and he proposed on the spot. They swore their vows at a temple an hour later. In A Court of Wings and Ruin Viviane mentions the mating bond only snapped into place during the "you-know-what", implying this occurred during sexual activity.


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