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Viviane is the Lady of Winter Court, married to High Lord of the Winter Court Kallias. She is mentioned to have a possible sister who remains unnamed in the series. Morrigan and Viviane are also good friends. Viviane fought in the final battle with Hybern.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Viviane is introduced as the wife and mate of Kallias, the High Lord of the Winter Court. She is first seen at the meeting of the High Lords, where she rushes up and hugs Mor, who she hasn't seen for the past 50 years. She then turns to Feyre and thanks her for bringing her mate back to her. She teases Kallias a little before going back to catching up with Mor. While waiting for Beron's arrival, Viviane tells everyone of how she and Kallias were mated. During the meeting, when questioned by Tamlin why they came to the meeting, Viviane responds that they came there to figure that out for themselves, causing her to not look at Mor. When Beron shares his reluctance to join the war, Viviane challenges him, say the reason that the Autumn Court has no extra forces is that Beron keeps all of his subjects working. Beron threatens her, causing Kallias and Mor to get defensive. When asked who will stand with the Night Court, Viviane is the first one to stand up, saying that she will fight with them. When Kallias asks if Feyre has mastered the ice manipulation, Viviane asks if it really matters. They retreat to their bedroom and appear for dinner. The next morning, when Nesta throws up (because she senses the Cauldron being used to bring down the wall), Kallias, suspecting it is poison, pushes Viviane behind him, to which she pushes him out of the way. Before they leave, Viviane hugs More goodbye, saying that she always knew that they would fight beside each other. She then turns and hugs Feyre before departing with her mate.

When the human girl Briar is brought back to the war camp after being rescued by Feyre and Azriel, Viviane welcomes her and takes her in. She is also seen with a female who looks very similar to her. Feyre suspects that the female is Viviane's sister. Viviane is seen fighting in the final battle alongside Mor. At the end of the battle, when Rhys died, Viviane is seen crying, being consoled by her mate. After Rhys is revived, Helion makes a joke about how Rhys knows how to make an exit, Viviane says that that isn't even funny.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Viviane is mentioned by Mor, who says she always knows when to actually expect when Mor comes. She is also mentioned to be busy with the Winter Solstice celebration.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

Viviane is seen with Kallias at Starfall, gazing at the sky. It is revealed that she is also pregnant.


Viviane is seen as very warm and friendly. She is not afraid to stand up to those who are wrong, such as when she challenges Beron during the meeting of the High Lords. She also appears to have a playful side, as seen when she teases Kallias, and flips both Kallias and Rhys off when they make comments about her and Mor squealing. Viviane is also brave, as she was the first one to stand up during the meeting and agree to fight beside the Night Court against Hybern without any hesitation, and she is seen fighting in the final battle. She is also shown to be compassionate, such as when she takes in the human girl, Briar, after the girl was rescued from Hybern's camp.



Viviane has been best friends with Kallias since her early childhood. Before the events of Under the Mountain, she was placed on border duty by Kallias to keep her away from the scheming of life at court. When Amarantha conquered Prythian Kallias had only enough time to warn her, tell her that he loved her, and beg her to protect his people. She was hidden away in a small city in the Winter Court, using her powers to veil and guard it. Safe harbor was offered to anyone who managed to make it. During the years she spent trying to free Kallias and hold the Winter Court together, Viviane realized that she loved him as well.

When Kallias finally returned he winnowed to her. She kissed him and he proposed on the spot. They swore their vows at a temple an hour later. In A Court of Wings and Ruin Viviane mentions the mating bond only snapped into place during the "you-know-what", implying this occurred during sexual activity.


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