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Vesperus is a female Daglan that was found in a crystal sarcophagus under the Prison/Dusk Court by Bryce Quinlan, Azriel and Nesta.


Vesperus was the Daglan that ruled the Dusk Court during the Daglan rule. She was Theia's mistress.

The Fae were forced to make the Tithe once a year, offering their powers to the ruling Daglan. Vesperus, likely, got her powers from Theia and the other members of the Dusk Court.

Theia served Vesperus for a century before overthrowing her. Vesperus explains that one day Theia had told her she looked tired, and that she should replenish in a crystal coffin above a well in one of the lower chambers of the Dusk Court. Then, tricking her, she sealed the coffin, leaving her locked for over fifteen thousand years.

In House of Flame and Shadow, Bryce unlocks the coffin and sets Vesperus free.

Vesperus then explains to Bryce, Azriel, and Nesta that locking her away was a greater punishment than death, for she had been alive but confined for eons. Despite Bryce threatening Vesperus, the Daglan refused to turn against her people and reveal how they could be stopped and killed.

Vesperus asks to be set free in the Middle, where unwanted creatures live. Bryce says that's not her choice to make.

Vesperus explains that there are hidden pockets of power throughout the lands, hinting that they might be under the Sacred Mountains. She explains that the Daglan's light thrives in such environments, where the veil between worlds is thin and magic naturally abounds.

Bryce quickly realizes that Vesperus had been talking to distract them while she absorbed the core of firstlight that existed under their feet and they quickly start fighting. Using Gwydion and the Truth-Teller, Bryce is able to weaken Vesperus enough that Nesta can behead her with Ataraxia.


Vesperus is a female Daglan with a slender body. Her skin is pale and glows like a full moon and her long, dark hair is described as being too dark since it doesn't reflect any light at all. She has vibrant red lips and blue eyes that glow. She has a cold, merciless voice.


Vesperus is described as being cruel, cunning, and loyal to her people.


  • Vesperus reveals that she drank from the land's magic and that the land's magic drank from her.
  • Vesperus, like the other Daglan, got her powers from the Tithe the Fae were forced to make every year. In House of Flame and Shadow, she absorbs Azriel's powers when he tries to attack her.
  • Vesperus mentions that the Fae have no concept of the true abilities of the weapons the Daglan created. She mentions hidden pockets of power spread out through the lands, ready to be used. She hints that they should probably look under every sacred mountain for them.
  • Vesperus calls herself the blacksmith of the Dread Trove.


  • In Silene's vision, she is seen with cold, otherworldly eyes, lounging in golden robes with a crown of stars on her head.
  • Vesperus calls herself the morning star.
  • Vesperus is Latin for "evening".


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