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This is the Veritas. The gift of my first ancestor to our bloodline. Only a few times in the history of Prythian have we used it—have we unleashed its truth upon the world.”

Morrigan about the Veritas A Court of Mist and Fury

The Veritas is a magical orb that contains truth magic and has belonged to Mor's family for a millennia. It is one of the family's most valued and guarded talismans, kept in her father's, Keir, chambers until Azriel stole it for Rhysand.

When it was used to prove Velaris existed, a pale cloud swirled inside then more clouds appeared to leak from the orb. An illusion appeared, showing the city from Rhysand's eyes. Once done, the illusion faded, color and light sucked back into the orb.


The Veritas is contained inside a black box. It is a silver orb, no larger than a ripe apple, easily fitting in the palm of Mor's hand.


The Veritas is used to convince the Mortal Queens that Rhysand is of good character; that he is a male of peace. The proof they required would be shown through the orb. The Inner Circle, save for Amren, obtains the orb by visiting the Court of Nightmares and distracting Keir whilst Azriel stole the orb from his chambers.

As the orb had been used in the war, it was known to humans and, by extension, the Mortal Queens. Through the orb, Rhysand shows them Velaris, the hidden city kept secret for five thousand years.


“Truth is deadly. Truth is freedom. Truth can break and mend and bind. The Veritas holds in it the truth of the world. I am the Morrigan. You know I speak truth.”

Morrigan to the Mortal Queens A Court of Mist and Fury