Vassa is one of the six Mortal Queens that rule the Mortal Lands.


After Jurian was resurrected the King of Hybern sent him to the Queens to tell them of the Cauldron and gain them as allies. Vassa saw through the lies Jurian told them and warned her fellow rulers against allying with Hybern, saying that Jurian's resurrection was a bad sign and they should raise their armies. She failed to notice how envious the other Queens, excluding Demetra, had become once they heard of the Cauldron's powers, and didn't realize that they had become her enemies.[1]

Wanting her gone but unable to kill her due to the fact that her successor was far more willful, the Queens sold Vassa to an old death-lord above The Wall who cursed and enslaved her with a spell that turned her into a firebird by day, a woman by night. They then spread a lie that she was ill.[2]

A Court of Mist and Fury

When Vassa is absent for the meeting between the five remaining Queens and the Night Court, the Queens lie that she is ill and unable to attend.[2]

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Through Elain's new clairvoyant abilities Feyre and the rest of her allies learn of Vassa's fate. They send Lucien Vanserra to retrieve her in the hopes that she will be a useful ally. Jurian later reveals the whole story of what happened to her, though they hide that they already know.

Feyre's father beats Lucien to Vassa, having uncovered the Queens' treachery months before, and bargains for a temporary release from her enslavement. She then leads his army, picking up Lucien along the way, to Prythian to help fight Hybern. During the journey Vassa develops a bond with Lord Archeron, who tells her of his daughters. Vassa and the reinforcements arrive at the final battle and she decimates Hybern's soldiers with her firebird form.

After the battle, Vassa approaches Feyre and Nesta and introduces herself, offering her condolences for their father's death and expressing her respect for him, as well as saying that he was a better father to her than her own. She tries talking to Nesta about her hand in the King's death, but Nesta only stares coldly at her. Vassa then asks Feyre if she could break her curse, to which Feyre replies that she could try. Vassa then takes her leave and is seen talking animatedly with Lucien after Feyre's meeting.[1]


Vassa is a brash and fiery woman. She has a strong spirit, but due to her youth she can be naive at times. She is also optimistic, as despite her situation she manages to joke and enjoy herself. According to Lucien, she has a foul temper and a fouler mouth.

Physical description

Vassa is a beautiful young woman with long reddish-gold hair, thick dark lashes, and stunning, large, up-tilted blue eyes. She has freckled golden-brown skin.

Powers and abilities

Due to her curse Vassa has the ability to turn, albeit unwillingly, into a firebird by day.



  • Vassa speaks with a lilting accent of unknown origin.


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