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And then a broad-shouldered, handsome male named Varian.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Mist and Fury

Varian is a citizen of the Summer Court, the prince of Adriata, and the captain of Tarquin's guard. He is the younger brother of Cresseida.


Early Life[]

Throughout his time at the Summer Court, Varian was appointed the captain of Tarquin's guard. Both Varian and Tarquin led Nostrus's fleet.[1]

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Varian greets Rhysand, Feyre and Amren, along with Tarquin and Cresseida, when they visit the Summer Court. He takes an immediate interest in Amren. Excluding Feyre, the group takes part in a number of political conversations, including the status of the fish markets of each court. They also discuss the imminent arrival of the War with Hybern. During these discussions, Amren and Varian spend time with each other. They are seen drinking wine and constantly ignoring each other.

Varian, along with the Night Court and Summer Court individuals dined in Tarquin's family dining hall. He was surprised when he saw Feyre with a Summer Court heirloom. After Feyre inquires about the small temple on the border of the Summer Court, Varian memories are meddled with by Rhysand, to avoid any knowledge that the Night Court and their plans.

After it becomes common knowledge that the Night Court stole the Book of Breathings, Varian sends a necklace of diamonds and rubies to Amren, to soften the declaration of the blood rubies from Tarquin.[2]

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When the Summer Court is attacked by Hybern's forces Varian secretly sends a warning message to Amren, in which he states that the Night Court should prepare their own defenses.

When Rhys sends aid to the Summer Court Feyre finds Varian on the battlefield, tending to a wounded soldier. Varian tells Feyre that "he" is in the oak dining room, which she mistakes for Rhysand but which turns out to be Tarquin. After the Night Court helps beat Hybern's force Varian is forced to admit to Tarquin that he was the one who requested aid from them.

Varian is present at a war meeting in the Dawn Court with the other High Lords, as part of the Summer Court delegation alongside Tarquin and Cresseida, and shows disdain for the High Lord of the Autumn Court, Beron Vanserra. When the meeting ends without a solution Varian proclaims his alliance with Rhysand and formulates a plan to beat the rest of the force attacking the Summer Court.

He participats in both the battle of the Summer Court and the Winter Court. After the battle, Varian rushes to find Amren, and upon finding her in a tent with Tarquin and Rhys he ignores them and kisses her, to the amusement of Rhysand. Afterward, he carries Amren off. They spend the night together and she is seen exiting his tent wearing his shirt.

After Feyre tells Amren what the Suriel told her, Amren secludes herself in her tent and refuses anyone's entry, including Varian. She later decides to accompany Feyre and her sisters on a mission to disable the Cauldron, without saying goodbye to Varian. He finds her with the Cauldron as she tells Feyre to unleash her, and Varian begs her not to. Amren concerned with the greater good, goes through with her plan anyway, to his anguish, and he is left to pull Feyre out of danger as Amren bursts from the Cauldron. He silently weeps when Amren dissipates after destroying Hybern's army.

Varian sullenly points out the danger of the broken Cauldron afterward and watches as Rhysand and Feyre fix it, resulting in Rhysand's death. After he is revived and reveals Amren is in the Cauldron, Varian lets out a cry of joy and helps pull her out.

He later accompanies Tarquin to the meeting called by Feyre in the ruins of Archeron's Estate to renegotiate a new treaty between faeries and mortals.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

After the end of the war with Hybern Varian enters into a relationship with Amren and regularly visits her in Velaris. He attends the Winter Solstice celebration at the town house.

A Court of Silver Flames[]



He is broad-shouldered and handsome. Like many of the High Fae in the Summer Court, he has dark skin and white hair.



Varian was studying Amren as if he was trying to solve a riddle she'd posed to him, and she paid him no heed whatsoever.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Mist and Fury

Varian becomes extremely interested in Amren when they first meet. Instead of observing Feyre and Rhysand's movements, he chooses to observe and study Amren. At first, Feyre suggests that Varian's fascination with Amren is due to her being a very powerful opponent, however, as they spend more time with each other their relationship appears to develop beyond that of simple acquaintances.

Amren shows no sign of disliking the attention that Varian gives her, and instead partly enjoys it. Throughout the events of A Court of Mist and Fury, Amren and Varian both take part in political meetings and during this, they continuously gaze or blatantly ignore each other.

Varian has conflicted feelings whenever he likes Amren or hates her. While, Amren is tempted by a romantic relationship with him, but has made no movements to progress the relationship.

Once it becomes common knowledge that the Night Court stole the Book of Breathings, Tarquin issues a blood feud against the court. However, Varian does not take the matter personally, and to soften the declaration of a blood feud, he sends Amren a necklace of diamonds and rubies.

In A Court of Wings and Ruin he warns her that Adriata is being attacked by Hybern and Amren tells Rhysand to go help them. Varian and Amren begin a physical relationship after a battle with Hybern in the Winter Court, as he kisses Amren in front of everyone and takes her to his tent where they spend the night together. She later admits that she might feel something like love for him.

Later, during the final battle, when Amren intends to unleash her true form to finish off the enemy army he begs her not to, but out of concern for the greater good she does, leaving him shattered.

However, when the Cauldron is reforged by Feyre and Rhysand, Amren emerges from it as a High Fae and they enter into a formal relationship.


While visiting the Night Court, Varian and Rhysand take part in a number of political meetings about the upcoming war with Hybern. Though Rhysand likes Cresseida, he partly dislikes Varian. However, he believes that if Varian stayed around Cassian and Azriel, they would become close.[3]

Rhysand also recognizes that Amren is developing a relationship Varian, and thus avoids expressing his dislike for Varian in front of her. In A Court of Frost and Starlight, he seems to have softened up to Varian in a way.


Cresseida is Varian's older sister. Their relationship hasn't been developed much in the series, however, he is shown to be protective when Rhysand acts sarcastic towards her.


  • Varian is a Latin name, meaning 'variable'.[4]


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