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The Vanserra family is the royal family of the Autumn Court of Prythian. They reside in The Forest House.


The Vanserra family has ruled the Autumn Court for generations. The family consists of Beron Vanserra, the High Lord, his consort, the Lady of the Autumn Court, his eldest son, Eris Vanserra and his other children. The youngest of the Vanserras is Lucien Vanserra, who self-exiled from the court after his stepfather and brothers murdered the female he loved for being a lesser faerie instead of High Fae.[1]

Lucien's biological father is Helion, the High Lord of the Day Court, who had an affair with Mrs. Vanserra for several years after he rescued her during the War, but since she shared Beron's bed at the same time, he never had evidence to show that Lucien was not his son. Especially since he possessed his family's fire powers, which he inherited from his mother.[2]


Family tree[]

Beron Vanserra
Lady of the Autumn Court
Eris VanserraUnnamed VanserraUnnamed VanserraUnnamed VanserraUnnamed VanserraUnnamed Vanserra
Lucien Vanserra