A Court of Thorns and Roses Wiki

I feel like I kind of have to explain myself, if people are seeing me making edits a lot lately to this Wikia.

I must admit that I was a late discover of ACOTAR series, like 3 months ago. I marathoned-read all 3 books at within 2 weeks, and then waited for the release of ACOFAS to read that afterwards. 

Since it's summer and I felt the urge to reread the series again. Mainly ACOMAS, ACOWAR, & ACOFAS. (Sorry, I do not like Tamlin much right now so I cannot deal with reading ACOTAR just yet!) This second time I am reading, I am catching details that I realize are forgotten or not yet updated in this Wikia. 

I'm fairly new to the FANDOM site overall, and only started contributing minutely to some Wikias recently the past few months. Just add a snippet here or there. I sometimes notice there's not consistency between some of the main characters' pages compared to the minor characters', so I might edit pages to try to keep the consistency going. 

So if I don't something wrong, please forgive me. 

Also, just an advance note, I noticed some characters in ACOTAR series don't have their own pages, so I plan to create them in the future. SInce I have never created a page, I hope I do it right! (...or OK!)