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The Urisk are a species of Lesser Faeries that is characterized by having a similar built to that of the High Fae but with the difference of presenting a skin with the texture of the bark of a tree.


Very few faeries belonging to this group appear in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, the most remarkable of them being Alis, the former servant of Feyre Archeron at the Spring Court.

At first Feyre sees her as a normal High Fae like the others, but after Tamlin opens her senses she is able to see her as she really is, which results in an initial shock.

Alis says that her whole family is like that and that they come from the Summer Court but after Amarantha attacked for the first time she decided to go to the Spring Court with her nephews, although they did not live in the manor at first, as it was dangerous. Finally, after Amarantha's death, she takes them to live in the manor.[1]


  • The Urisk can have mates, as is the case of Alis's sister.[1]
  • Alis says that, as with the High Fae, childbearing in her kind is rare and therefore children are highly prized, more so than jewels and gold. She says that it is a miracle when her sister became pregnant again when her first child was only five years old.[1]
  • The Urisk age differently from the High Fae, they reach adulthood after seventy-five years of life.[1]