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These unnamed individuals are guards in the service of Amarantha in Under the Mountain.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

After Feyre Archeron goes to Under the Mountain to declare her love for Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court and Amarantha tells her that to free him she has to pass three trials or solve a riddle, she is viciously beaten by the Attor and other faeries and then taken to the dungeons. There she is guarded by some Lesser Faeries who act as guards and who are in charge of tormenting the prisoners.

These guards make her carry out household chores such as scrubbing the floor with dirty water under the threat that if it is not clean when they return they will spin her over the fire on a spit and later tell her to remove lentils from the ashes and embers of a chimney if not the owner of the room will skin her. The owner turns out to be Rhysand, who after removing the lentils with magic enters the minds of the guards and tells them to leave Feyre alone or they will have to deal with him.


They are a kind of lesser faerie with red-colored skin.

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