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Now they call her the Deceiver—she who trapped the seven High Lords and built her palace beneath the sacred Mountain in the heart of our land.

Alis to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Under the Mountain is the name of Amarantha's infernal court and place of rule, from which she ruled all of Prythian.


Geographically, Under the Mountain is situated in the Middle, and borders the Winter Court to the south and the Dawn Court to the north.

Under the Mountain's entrance is two ancient, enormous stone doors taller than Tamlin's manor, which led into a vast chamber carved from pale rock upheld by carved pillars. The carvings depicted faeries and High Fae and animals in various environments and states of movement - stories of Prythian. Chandeliers of jewels hung between the pillars, staining the red marble floor with color. This led to the throne room. There were many other passageways and rooms within the mountain, including dungeon cells, luxurious bedroom suites, and the Middengard Wyrm's maze.

Amarantha fashioned and modeled Under the Mountain after the famed Court of Nightmares, located in the treacherous northern Night Court, ruled by High Lord Rhysand and presided over by the Steward Keir, father of Mor. When under Amarantha's control, there was a dais that had two black stone thrones, one for her and one for Tamlin.


Under the Mountain was a sacred space for Prythian. Located in the Middle, it was in unclaimed territory, which made it a neutral meeting space for the land's High Lords.

After the Treaty was signed preventing humans from being enslaved by the Fae, Amarantha broke away from the King of Hybern and began to frequent the Prythian Courts. She cleverly deceives the seven High Lords and took away their power, forcing them into submission. Amarantha named herself High Queen of Prythian and built her Court, to which all must answer, underground beneath the sacred Mountain of Prythian, which was renamed Under the Mountain.

After the masquerade where Amarantha cursed all the Spring Court to wear their masks forever and also cursed their High Lord, Tamlin, to seek a human girl, with hatred towards the Fae in her heart, but who could love him, she ordered all the inhabitants of the Prythian Courts to live in Under the Mountain, except for the Spring Court, who was granted the benefit of living on their lands until the forty-nine year period Tamlin had to find the human who could break his curse had passed.

Others—others, if they swear allegiance, if they grovel and serve her, she allows them a bit more freedom to come and go Under the Mountain as they will.

Alis to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

This was the case with Rhysand, who is the High Lord of the Night Court, and as his father had killed Tamlin's father, who was an important ally of Amarantha and the King of Hybern during the war with humans, he had been taken as Amarantha's personal sex slave but could sometimes leave Under the Mountain. The Attor, a monstrous creature, could come and go from Under the Mountain as Amarantha used him to bring him those Fae whom she wanted to see.

Known Residents[]

  • Amarantha
  • Attor
  • Most Inhabitants of the Prythian Courts (except the Spring Court)
  • Jurian (just his soul)

Under the Mountain
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