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The Treaty is an agreement signed by the Mortal Queens and the Faeries that keeps the peace between them.


The Treaty dictates the following terms:

  • Humans can kill as many faeries as they like and go unpunished.
  • Faeries may not take humans as slaves.
  • Faeries may not attack and kill humans.
  • The Book of Breathings is split between the faeries and mortals.


The War[]

Five hundred years prior to A Court of Thorns and Roses, humans and faeries went to war. The humans were tired of being mistreated and ruled by the Fae. The War was so bloody that both sides agreed to sign a peace agreement to end the bloodshed. The six mortal queens signed the Treaty along with the Fae, and a magical the Wall was built to keep the kingdoms apart that prevents the passage of both faeries and mortals, although there were holes in it that were used occasionally. The faeries were allowed to keep the northern parts of the world, and the humans were left with the southern territories.

Also thanks to the treaty, the Mortal Queens of the Continent were given a half of the Book of Breathings since it explained how to counteract the power of the Cauldron, which could be used to bring down the wall.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

After Feyre Archeron kills a High Fae in the form of a wolf, another faerie comes back to find the killer. This faerie claims that the Treaty calls for Feyre to either be killed or to go to Prythian and live out her life there for killing a faerie without provocation. This is a lie, though, as humans can kill as many faeries as they want and never suffer the consequences.