"Tomas Mandray" I interrupted. "The woodcutter's second son?"

Feyre, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Tomas Mandray is a mortal who resides in Feyre's Village, and like Feyre's family, is in a state of poverty. He is the second son of a woodcutter who wants to marry Nesta. Feyre finds this humorous as Nesta refuses to chop wood for her own family but wants to marry a woodcutter's son.


Tomas is flirtatious with a sexual interest in women. His gaze is described as cloying when he looks at Feyre. He is also curious, and his possible poverty causes him to search the village for places to loot. When Feyre sees him in the forest she notices "the gleam of desperate hunger in his eyes" and that she was glad she had her knife. It's also likely that he is popular, as he has a group of cronies following him around.


A Court of Thorns and Roses

Before Feyre goes to the Spring Court, Nesta tells the family that Tomas wants to marry her. Feyre tells Nesta that she can't marry him because they don't have a dowry for her and because he is not worthy. As she gathers her belongings to leave with Tamlin, Feyre tells Nesta not to marry Tomas because his father beats his wife and none of the sons do anything to stop it.

Tomas appears briefly when Feyre walked through the village, when she went to hand out money. He is chatting with his group of companions about the house that burned down with its family trapped in it. He then gazes at Feyre with lust. [1]

Wings and Ember

It is revealed that Tomas attempted to rape Nesta at some point, tearing at her clothes until she clawed at him and managed to free herself and get away. Ever since then, Nesta holds nothing but deep hatred for Tomas.



Both Nesta and Tomas formed a relationship prior to the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses. According to Clare Beddor, Tomas was going to propose to Nesta. To begin with, Nesta was excited with this proposition but when Feyre returns to the village, she notes that Nesta did not choose to marry Tomas.

Clare Beddor

Presumably, Clare and Tomas were friends, as she knew about the proposal before it occurred.


  • The name Tomas is the Irish form of Thomas, a biblical name meaning "twin". The meaning of his name is a possible reference to how Tomas is the second son of a woodcutter, so Tomas does have a brother but it's unknown if that brother is his twin. [2]



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