• Hey there!

    Since you are seemingly the only user here who doesn't vandalise the pages, I was hoping to get your opinion on me requesting an adoption from wikia staff. I recently discovered the series and absolutely adore it, and I want to revamp the pages etc to make the wiki look awesome, and block the anons who vandalise pages.

    Would you mind letting me know what your thoughts are?


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    • I think it is a great idea. Someone needs to stop these anons from vandalizing pages.

      I recommend you create a standard for how you want all the pages to be formatted and to try to keep your opinions and assumptions out since everything needs to be based on what is actually stated in the book. Maybe by getting people to use the Forum, they will be less likely to vandalize pages, trying to voice their options. Now, while I’m not a fan of Fanart, I think you should have people vote on what image they want to use in the infobox, since I’m noticed people often keep changing them.

      Unlike most wiki pages, I feel this one doesn’t require a lot of work, just needs to be cleaned up and updated (Wiki Navigation).

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    • That's great to hear, thank you for your support!

      I will be updating a lot of features on the wiki once the adoption goes through, and I will start by making a system of policies. Perhaps it might be necessary to block anonymous editors altogether. We'll see.

      Your feedback is much appreciated. If the adoption is successful might you be interested in becoming an admin?

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    • Sure. I would love to become an admin.

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    • Hello, I'm the current admin here for this wiki. I haven't had an extreme amount of time to work on this wiki lately, so sorry. But I have promoted you both to be administrators because you both seem to be dedicated to fixing the wiki and helping out. 

      It terms of your improvements, the wiki already has a set of policies: A_Court_of_Thorns_and_Roses_Wiki:Policy but feel free to edit them as you see fit.

      In terms of fanart, I did have a vote for the Rhysand image a while back on the main page, so maybe a vote could be created for the rest of the pages? However, I'm not sure whenever fanart should be allowed on pages because it keeps changing and edit wars seem to have occurred within the history. Overall, I'm not quite sure what to do about the fanart issue. What are your thoughts, should we keep fanart on pages or not?

      With the anons, I disagree with blocking all anonymous users from editing the wiki because a very large amount of content has actually been written by unregistered users. However, with that being said, I do think that we should lock the Tamlin page in particular from being edited from new and unregistered users. The Tamlin page is where most vandalism seems to take place, anyway. (Although, I open to any reasons or opinions of anyone who wants to block anonymous users altogether.)

      Anyway, feel free to edit and change whatever you like about the wiki and thank you so so much for helping and editing the wiki.

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    • Thank you for the rights!

      About the fanart, I was going to create a poll on the main page for users to vote on the images they want. To avoid any arguments I had an idea to change the image after a set number of months. I believe fanart is an important part of any Fandom, and it is nice to showcase people's work.

      Regarding the continued vandalism of Tamlin's page, I asked a wikia staff member a few days ago to lock the page so anons couldn't edit it. It was becoming tedious to constantly revert edits about how much Tamlin sucked. I agree that anons shouldn't be restricted from editing, it was just a suggestion.

      I use a personal script that makes anons' IP addresses visible, so I have no problem dealing with individual vandals when they occur.

      Again, thank you for the rights. I hope to have everything perfect by the time the last book is released.

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    • You can lock a page for only sign-ined users to edit.

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    • That is what the staff member did.

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    • A FANDOM user
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