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Thesan is the High Lord of the Dawn Court.

Thesan's lover is the Captain of his Guard and the commander of the Dawn Courts Peregryn aerial legion.


When Feyre first saw Thesan in A Court of Thorns and Roses he was said to 'glow brightest of them all'.

Thesan is slender and has brown skin and hair, kissed with gold as if the sunrise had permanently gilded them and upswept eyes, the rich brown of freshly tilled fields, were his loveliest feature. Thesan's voice as deep and rich as those eyes.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

The High Lord watches Feyre's trials and bestowed a piece of magic to heal Feyre and turn her into High Fae. [1]

Because of his contribution to heal Feyre, his magic inside of her gives Feyre's blood the ability to heal if consumed. It is shown that a couple of mouthfuls is sufficient. She uses this ability to heal Rhysand after he is badly injured in an ambush and later expresses her wishes to use that same ability to heal Azriel at Hybern, and later the golden queen in Velaris, but is unable to do so.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Healing abilities: Being the High Lord of the Dawn Court, he has the ability to heal others. However, it is currently unknown if he would also have to use the method of giving blood as Feyre does or if he is able to heal in a different manner.



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