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Theia was a Starborn Fae and the only High Queen of Prythian. She is originally from Prythian but most of her appearances have taken place in the Crescent City series.


Early Life[]

Theia served the Daglan for a century, more specifically a black-haired, white skinned female whose headquarters were in the Dusk Court called Vesperus. She used the time she served her master to learn all she could about the Daglan and their instruments of conquest: the Dread Trove. She started planning the Fae's uprising with Fionn, with whom she kept a secret relationship in fear their masters would tear them apart.

To defeat the Daglan, Theia knew she'd need to use their most valuable weapon: the Cauldron. Fionn Made Gwydion using its magic, as he supposedly Made the Truth-Teller. Together, they fought the Daglan and won.

High Queen of Prythian[]

Afterward, too eager to leave the past behind, they were too quick to forget the Daglan's other secrets. Fionn united the territories of Prythian, becoming High King and making Theia his High Queen.

Theia claimed the Dusk Court to herself, turning the place where she had once served as a slave into her sanctuary. With the tithe to the Daglan gone, the Fae saw their powers strengthen, as did their connection to the land. The island's powers became Theia's power: dusk and twilight.

After centuries, Theia finally got pregnant and, within a span of 5 years, had two daughters: Helena and Silene. Upon realizing Fionn intended to give his crown to Helena, Theia joined forces with her general, Pelias, to betray and kill her husband. As she had been present when Gwydion and the Truth-Teller had been made, she was able to summon the blades and wield them. She also took the Dread Trove for herself.

Door between Worlds[]

She ruled for a short span of time during which there was no war. She educated and raised her daughters as she ruled Prythian, but it still wasn't enough. Remembering the talk of the Daglan and their mention of other worlds, Theia, too, wanted to conquer an entire world for her and her daughters, for their legacy to live on. However, when she announced her plan to wield the Horn and the Harp to open a door, many of her court refused to join her. She wouldn't be deterred: she gathered the Fae who supported her idea, mainly fire-wielders from the south, and using the star maps from the Daglan, she had Pelias, her ally, search for a new world for them.

Pelias eventually told Theia to open a door to Midgard where they planned to conquer and colonize the planet alongside Rigelus who, unbeknown to Theia, was Daglan.

She was unaware that Pelias was working for the Daglan and waiting to take the Trove from her so they could return to Prythian. Luckily, Theia was paranoid and didn't fully trust her new allies, leading her to hide the Horn and Harp in a "pocket of nothingness". The Daglan were all too willing to wait, so with the help of the Fae they conquered Midgard and were soon joined by beings from other planets as well. They found resistance in the human civilizations already occupying the planet but quickly killed any human uprising that rose.

The War[]

Eventually, Theia learned of Rigelus's deceit but it was already too late to do anything. Upon discovering the truth, Theia told her daughters the truth about everything she had done and, using the star map she had taken from the Daglan, she found another planet that had overthrown the Daglan: Hel. Using the Trove once again, she summoned Aidas and asked for his help to defeat the Daglan. Theia later told Silene that Aidas and her were mates and they planned to live together in Hel once the war was over.

The Fae and Hel joined forces, gathering an army of 60 thousand soldiers to march against the Daglan but it wasn't enough. Theia eventually accepted her defeat, thinking it was inevitable. Before facing Pelias in battle, she gave the Horn to Helena. To Silene, she gave both the Harp and the Truth-Teller. She kept Gwydion to herself. She told her daughters to play the Trove and to get out of Midgard, then sealing the door between worlds forever. Using the Harp one last time, she pulled a star from her own body and split it in three, dividing it between the three of them.


With Gwydion in hand, Theia left the tent and, on the back of a winged horse, she soared into the battle-filled night. Pelias killed her with whatever new power he had acquired, taking the Starsword for himself after plunging it through Theia's head.


Theia was described as having a beautiful face and golden hair.


Theia was power hungry, ambitious, and ruthless, as seen when she killed her husband for the throne.

Powers and Abilities[]

Theia acquired the Dusk Court's powers - she has starlight powers as well as shadows. Being Starborn is likely why she can wield the Dread Trove while resisting its deadly pull. She also has Starfire - an extremely powerful laser of white-hot condensed starlight.

She can wield Gwydion and the Truth-Teller because she, alongside someone else, was present when Fionn dipped the blades in the Cauldron and Made them.



Fionn was Theia's first love. They kept their relationship a secret because they were afraid the Daglan would discover it and tear them apart. Together, they managed to overthrow and defeat their masters.

They ruled as High King and High Queen of Prythian for centuries, watching the land flourish under their care. In that time, no wars were fought and the Fae became strong once again.

They had two daughters, Helena and Silene. Fionn wanted their eldest daughter, Helena, to take the crown but Theia wanted it for herself so she betrayed Fionn and killed him with the help of her General, Pelias.


Pelias was Theia's General in Prythian. He helps her betray and kill Fionn and later helps her find a new world to conquer. Unbeknown to Theia, Pelias had spent centuries learning summoning magic and searching the cosmos for whatever remained of the Daglan. When someone finally answered, Pelias quickly convinced Theia to follow him to Midgard. He helped her and the Daglan conquer the planet.

Theia only became wary of him when she started suspecting the Daglan themselves. Pelias had found pleasures in the new world, championed by Rigelus himself. He was particularly brutal to the humans.

When Theia gathered her army to fight the Daglan, Pelias was put in charge of the enemy forces: he knew Theia and her tactics well, so it proved to be a wise choice on the Daglan's end. Rigelus named Pelias Prince of the Fae and he was to use Theia and her daughters as a way to legitimize his reign. He intended to have an heir with one of Theia's daughters.

When Theia faces him on the battleground, he is seen with power like he never had before and eventually kills her, taking Gwydion for himself.


Theia first meets Aidas when she summons him to help her defeat the Daglan. They quickly became lovers and, even in the midst of war, Silene says to never have seen Theia so at peace. They were mates, which was why the portal opened to him when she first contacted Hel. When the war ended, Theia planned to move to Hel to live with Aidas, where she would live and atone for her mistakes.

Even thousands of years after her death, Aidas admits to Bryce to never stop loving Theia.

Helena and Silene[]

Theia is the one to raise and educate her daughters after killing Fionn. they inherited her powers and, when Theia urges them to escape Midgard she divides her own powers into three and hands each of her daughters a part of it.

Helena is responsible for the continuation of the Starborn line in Midgard, while Silene is responsible for the continuation of the Starborn line in Prythian through the Night Court heirs.


  • In Greek Mythology, Theia is one of the twelve titans, daughter of the goddess Gaia. She is the goddess of Sight and Vision.
  • Theia is the reason why Gwydion was missing from Prythian for Fifteen thousand years.
  • She lived in the Dusk Court before it was turned into the Prison and got her powers from the Island.
  • She locked a female Asteri/Daglan in the Prison.
  • She is an ancestor of Rhysand and Nyx.