A Court of Thorns and Roses Wiki

Two days-it took two days from my cottage to reach the wall and enter the southernmost border of Prythian.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Wall is a magical barrier that separates the Mortal Lands from Prythian. It is invisible, but faeries can feel its presence.


Long ago mortals lived in the Faerie realms as slaves. After they rebelled and there was a great war, a Treaty was signed that prohibited the Fae from enslaving them, so from this moment, mortals were granted lands so that they could live and a magical wall was built that divided the magical kingdoms from the mortal ones.

In Prythian specifically, the wall was located south of the Spring Court and north of the Mortal Lands.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The King of Hybern manages to locate the three feet of Cauldron in different temples located in Prythian and thanks to the help of the Book of Breathings, he is able to restore its powers. With the Cauldron the King is able to destroy the wall and re-invade the mortal kingdoms with his forces to enslave mortals, something allowed by the Mortal Queens of the Continent, who in return asked to be Made into High Fae with the power of the Cauldron. The invasion would be carried out from the lands of the Spring Court north of the wall thanks to the recent alliance between said court and Hybern.

A Court of Wings and Ruin []

The King of Hybern's twin nephews, the Princes Dagdan and Brannagh, went to the Spring Court accompanied by Jurian to investigate the fissures that were on the wall and thus determine from which of them it was preferable to use the powers of the Cauldron to knock it down.

After Feyre Archeron returned to the Night Court, but not before causing the people of the Spring Court to lose their faith in Tamlin and rebel, Hybern invaded the court and with the Cauldron destroyed the wall, just on the second day of the meeting of the High Lords in the Dawn Court, in order to attack the defenseless Mortal Lands of the south and claim what they believed was their right snatched five hundred years earlier.


  • It is meant to protect the humans.
  • There are small gaps in the Wall.
  • The Spring Court is the only court to border the Wall.