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This house... this house was a home that had been lived in and enjoyed and cherished.

And it was in a city.

Feyre - A Court of Mist and Fury

The Town House is the private residence of Rhysand in the city of Velaris, reserved only for him and his family.


The Town House has a wood and marble antechamber supplied with an actual front door and an ornately carved wood door inset with fogged glass that divides the antechamber and the foyer. The foyer is decorated with an ornate red carpet, wood-paneled walls and artworks. It is flanked by two rooms: on the left is a sitting room with a black marble fireplace, lots of comfortable, elegant, but worn furniture, and bookshelves built into every wall. One the right is a dining room with a long, cherrywood table big enough for ten people. Down the slender hallway ahead there are a few more doors, ending in one that leads to the kitchen. A straight, wide oak staircase ahead goes to the upper level where a hall punctuated with chandeliers of swirled, colored glass illuminates the few polished doors on either side.

Feyre's bedroom is a fire-warmed, sunlit room. It faces a walled garden in the back of the town house. There are large windows peering over the stone fountain in the center of the garden. Everything in the bedroom itself is of rich wood and soft white, with touches of subtle sage. The bed is massive, plush, and adorned in quilts and duvets of cream and ivory. There is a small, attached bathing room made of white marble, containing a claw-foot tub, more windows that overlook the garden wall and a thick line of cypress trees. There is also an armoire, a mahogany nightstand, and a rosewood writing desk with a little clock on it.

On the roof there is a small rooftop garden decorated with a few boxed shrubs and a round, iron table with two chairs.


  • No one but Rhys, Mor, and Feyre can winnow directly into the town house, because it's warded and shielded by magic.