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The Middle is the large, empty territory situated in the center of ​​Prythian that does not belong to the jurisdiction of any of the courts and divides the northern Solar Courts from the southern Seasonal Courts.


The Sacred Mountain is in its center, which for around 50 years was known as Under the Mountain, there is a forest, and a bog called the Bog of Oorid, all of them can be seen from land and air. Since it's forbidden to map the Middle beyond vague landmarks, its secrets that could be discovered on foot remain unknown and forbidden.[1]

The Middle was full of primal magic and had its own rules and laws. Intruders who harm those within without cause might find themselves trapped forever.


An ancient female Fae confined Stryga, one of the Old Gods to a cottage located in this territory.

Later, when Prythian was divided into seven courts a strip of land was left outside the jurisdictions and preserved as a neutral place and it was where meetings between the High Lords were held so as not to have to risk going to a foreign territory.

Under no High Lord's jurisdiction, the Middle became a dumping ground for dangerous, unwanted faerie. Unlike those in the Prison, these creatures' crimes were only their nature. For example, a kelpie was designed to lure and kill just as a wolf is designed to hunt prey. The Middle kept them separate without punishing them for doing what they were made to do.

When Amarantha declared herself High Queen of Prythian, she established her domain in the Sacred Mountain of this area, created her underground court and named it Under the Mountain, where she held most of the citizens of the courts with the exception of the Spring Court, since she gave Tamlin, the High Lord, fifty years to find a mortal woman that hated the faeries with all her heart but loved him.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When the High Lords were looking for a place to hold their meeting to discuss their alliances regarding the impending war against Hybern, the obvious choice would have been this region but due to the horrors experienced Under the Mountain the meeting was held at the Dawn Court Palace, home of Thesan, the High Lord of the Dawn Court, as it was the closest place.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

When Nesta Archeron scried looking for the Mask, it pointed her to a spot in the Middle called The Bog of Oorid.


  • Not even Amarantha dared to disturb the inhabitants of the Middle during her reign.
  • The law is made by who is strongest, meanest, and most cunning. The Weaver of the Wood was at the top of its food chain.