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The Mask is one of the Dread Trove.


The Mask is described as a golden disk shaped death mask molded from the face of a long-forgotten king. It is primitive in appearance and embossed with ancient whorls and patterns.[1]


When worn, the wearer has the ability to summon and command the dead. However, it is said that most of those who have worn the mask could never remove it. With the only way to sever its bond being through beheading.[2]

Nesta is unaffected by this dilemma following her first use of the Mask to slay the Kelpie. It is then hypothesized that only one made from the same dark source can wear it and not be ruled by it.[3]


The Mask is one of the last remaining objects of power created long ago by the Cauldron. Along with the Harp and the Crown, they together make up the Dread Trove.[4]