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This library in one of several in Velaris.


This library has been around for many years and was built inside a cavern carved out of the mountain where the House of Wind stands. It has levels and levels of shelving with reading rooms and hallways lit by lamps. Also in some areas away from books, there are fireplaces.


At some point, Morrigan found an extremely injured woman named Clotho and took her to Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court, who was in the library. He was able to access her mind thanks to his daemati powers and saw that a group of men had tortured her for fun and had cut her tongue so that she could not identify them and crushed her hands so that she could not write their names. Thanks to his powers, Rhys found out who they were and allowed Mor to hunt them down.

Clotho became a priestess and stayed to live forever in the library along with the other priestesses who worked and lived there, about a dozen, who were the ones who decided who could enter and who could not.

On the lower level of the library there is a dark well where Bryaxis lives, a creature whose form no one knows. Once Rhys challenged Cassian to go down there and he did it, he immediately came back, pale and refusing to talk about what he had seen. To this day he refuses to do so and if asked about it he loses the ability to speak for a few hours.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

Feyre Archeron and Rhys went to the library to find books that would tell them about the Wall and its creation. There they were greeted by Clotho, who guided them to a reading area and showed them the books she had set aside for them. Rhys told Feyre the story of the priestess and about the "monster" that lived on the lower level.

Later Feyre kept going to read about the Wall and discover a way to seal the holes in it.

When she was there on one occasion with her sister Nesta Archeron, the King of Hybern sent two of his Ravens to kidnap Nesta, but Feyre asked Bryaxis for help to kill them and they accepted in exchange for someone to talk to them about life. When Feyre agreed he attacked the warriors, but they were ultimately killed by Rhysand.

A Court of Silver Flames[]




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