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The Horn is one of the Dread Trove.


It is known that the object is made entirely or partially of ancient bone.[1]


The Cauldron made many objects of power long time ago. Most were lost to history and war.

At the time Amren went into the prison, only three objects remained, The Mask, The Harp, and The Crown. Although, some claimed there were four or that the fourth object had been Unmade.[2]

A Court of Silver Flames[]

When Nesta Archeron went into the Prison with Cassian, they were attacked by Lanthys who shows Nesta a vision trying to seduce her to his side. In this vision, he shows her how they could rule together with the help of the Dread Trove, the Mask, Harp, and Crown. However, there was also a fourth object but since it was veiled in shadow she couldn't make out more than a gleam of age-worn bone.[3]

House of Flame and Shadow[]

It's revealed by Silene in a hologram to Azriel, Bryce Quinlan, and Nesta Archeron that the Horn is the fourth trove. It is currently tattooed on Bryce's back.