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I've seen castles with less wealth.

Cassian, A Court of Mist and Fury

The Archeron's Estate is the estate in Feyre's village that Tamlin bought for Feyre's family during A Court of Thorns and Roses when he promised to provide for them. Feyre's father and sisters' go to live there after they reacquired their fortune and they stay until the end of A Court of Mist and Fury when Elain and Nesta get kidnapped by the King of Hybern.


The Archeron's estate is only three miles from Feyre's old cottage. A sloping drive lined with conical hedges and irises leads to the estate itself, a chateau of white marble and emerald roofs, nearly as large as Tamlin's manor. In its front entrance there are big double door and a ringing bell near them. It his surrounded by the flat expanse of lands owned by the Archeron family. In the inside there is a grand entry Hall with ornate furniture and paintings. The estate has so many bedrooms that you could sleep in a different one each night. The most open space in the house is the dining room, illuminated by the large window and the light of various chandeliers, it is furnished with a polished cherry table surrounded by upholstered, carved wood chairs. The estate also possess a ball room, a greenhouse, a carved marble sitting room with a roaring fire, furnished with a low-lying table and small sofas, and an office where Feyre's father use to work, hunched over his desk and and weighing jewellery on a little scale. The office window overlooks on Elain's little garden that she allow no one else to care for, even the weeding and watering she does herself. There are many servants that work for the Archeron family at the estate, all of them administrated by Mrs. Laurent, the housekeeper.

During their stay at the Archeron's estate Rhysand and Feyre are to sleep in a large guest bedroom with a hearth and only one bed, large enough for two. Because Feyre is reluctant to share it with Rhysand yet, he makes another small bed appear in the room so he can sleep in it.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

After Tamlin sends Feyre back to the Mortal Lands, she passes two weeks at the Archeron's estate with her sisters and father.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

The Archeron's estate, is the chosen place where the Inner Circle meet with the Mortal Queens to get the Book of Breathings. Feyre has asked her sisters if they will allow the meeting to occur in their house and they reluctantly agree.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

The Archeron's estate is used for the meeting that occurs after the final battle. During this meeting it is decided what Prythian's fate will become, now that the Wall has fallen.

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