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The Tartera are a species of Lesser Fae native to the Night Court that are master jewel smiths.


The Tartera dwell in the deepest mountain mines of the Night Court and are master jewel smiths, both making and selling their own pieces.

General Appearance[]

They are a species that look similar to wraiths, their tall, lean frames wrapped in permanent shadows. Only their eyes, like glowing coals, are visible through the shadows. The rest of their bodies tend to come in and out of view sporadically, shadows sometimes parting to reveal a dark-skinned hand or foot or shoulder.


Many of the heirlooms of the High Lord's house of the Night Court are Tartera-made, including a set of solid diamond cuffs owned by Feyre and some of her crowns.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Neve, a Tartera living with Velaris, sells some of her more expensive jewelry to Rhysand for Winter Solstice, meant for Amren.[1]