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My father was as bad as Lucien's. Worse

Tamlin, A Court of Thorns and Roses

Tamlin's father was the former High Lord of the Spring Court. He was killed by Rhysand's father.


Tamlin's father lived in the Spring Court as the High Lord. During his time in power, Tamlin's father kept slaves around the court. He later met his mate and as a mating present, he planted a rose garden.

His wife later gave birth to three sons, one of whom was Tamlin. In his youth, Tamlin joined his father's war band. The group often shared dirty limericks.

Tamlin's father was one of the strongest allies of the King of Hybern in the war against the mortals.

His youngest son, Tamlin, later befriended Rhysand, the son of the High Lord of the Night Court. Rhysand told Tamlin his mother and sister had gone to spend some time in an Illyrian camp. Tamlin relays this information to his father who decides to immediately visit the night. Tamlin's father and his three sons killed both Rhysand's sister and mother.

As retribution, Rhysand and his father went to the Spring Court and murdered his entire family, except for Tamlin. Once Tamlin's father was killed by Rhys' father, the powers of the High lord shifted to Tamlin.


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