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It was veiled in roses and ivy, with patios and balconies and staircases sprouting from its alabaster sides. The grounds were encased by woods, but stretched so far that I could barely see the distant line of the forest. So much color, so much sunlight and movement and texture.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

This manor is the residence of the High Lord of the Spring Court of Prythian.


The manor is the personal residence of the High Lord of the Spring Court, a magnificent manor sprawled across a rolling green land. It is veiled in roses and ivy, with patios, balconies, and staircases sprouting from its alabaster sides. The grounds are encased by woods that stretched so far one can barely see the distant line of the forest. Inside, it is even more opulent. Black-and-white chequered marble floor shone, flowing to countless doors and a sweeping staircase. A long hall stretched ahead to the giant glass doors at the other end of the house, and through them is a second garden, grander than the one out front. Here can be found a rose garden that was planted as a mating gift from Tamlin's father to Tamlin's mother. The manor house contains a study, a private library, a small but well-stocked infirmary, and a gallery. A great hall of marble and gold act as a throne room, with a dais on its center and a giant throne of carved roses above it.

Amethyst irises and pale snowdrops and butter-yellow daffodils bloom in the balmy breeze of the Spring Court. A grand marble staircase leads to the giant oak doors of the estate. Inside, there are black-and-white checkered marble floors, countless doors, a sweeping staircase and vases overflowing with fat clusters of hydrangea.


Feyre's bedroom is described as being larger than her entire cottage. Its walls are pale green, and delicately sketched with patterns of gold, with the moldings golden as well. It has ivory furniture and rugs, a marble vanity, a gigantic bed with a similar color scheme, and curtains that hang from the towering headboard. The windows' curtains are made of silk with gold velvet.

Lucien's bedroom is described as being similar to Feyre's in shape, but bedecked in hues of orange, red, and gold, with faint traces of green and brown. It's like being in an autumn wood. In lieu of a pretty breakfast table by the window, a worn worktable dominates the space, covered in various weapons.


The manor has stables located on the grounds of the manor where the horses used by the faes and sentinels of the court are kept.

Feyre first entered the stables when she is looking for Lucien to try to convince him to help her persuade Tamlin to send her back to her village with her family. She later visits them countless times during her walks through the court grounds.[1]

Feyre goes there to look for Tamlin before he goes on an expedition to the Eastern Woods in search of the Amarantha's monsters that were still at large with his emissary Lucien and a group of sentries. She asks him to let her go to a nearby village to help with the rebuilding but he refuses on the grounds that he can't allow her to be at risk.[2]

Rose Garden[]

On one occasion when Feyre is furious at the prospect of her family forgetting about her, she storms out of the manor and comes to the rose garden. There she is found by the High Lord who tells her that it had been planted by his father for his mother after their mating. Still furious, Feyre grabs one of the roses and tears it off, hurting her hands on the thorns.

Tamlin later sends her a bouquet of roses from this rose garden.[1]


Tamlin lived in this manor with his father, mother and brothers five hundred years before the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses. He used to be visited by his friend Rhysand, the son of the then High Lord of the Night Court.

Rhys taught him Illyrian fighting techniques, as he was half-Illyrian on his mother's side, and during one of his training sessions he told him that his mother and sister had gone to a War-Camp together, which Tamlin told his father, and in revenge for supporting mortals in the War, Tamlin's father and his brothers went to the defenseless women and murdered them. The then High Lord of the court clipped the wings off the corpse of Rhys's mother and took them as a trophy to hang in his gallery. Upon learning of what happened, Rhysand and his father went to the mansion and killed the entire family except for Tamlin.

A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

After Feyre kills Andras with an ash wood arrow when he is in the forest near the Wall in wolf form, she is brought to the manor by Tamlin as a way to enforce the Treaty established after the war, which rules that if a mortal took the life of a faerie , they had to pay with their own, either by dying or by going to live in Prythian, a place fraught with danger for their kind.

Feyre is taken to the manor where she is not treated as a prisoner but as a guest. There she is cared for by Alis and every day she dines with Tamlin and his emissary, Lucien Vanserra, in the dining room. After discovering her taste for painting, Tamlin has the gallery cleaned and reopened, which had been closed for years due to lack of use, so that she can appreciate the works of art there and sets up a study so that she can paint. During part of her stay, Tamlin applies a glamour to the manor so that Feyre can only see some of its residents so that she will not feel overwhelmed but after she asks him to open her senses she is able to see everything clearly. There is a room where there is a large map of the faerie realms and Mortal Lands drawn on the wall.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After returning from Under the Mountain, Feyre, not being used to her new strength as High Fae, breaks five doors by closing them too hard. Even though she is going to marry Tamlin they had separate rooms, but Tamlin sleeps almost every night in Feyre's room anyway.

There is a throne room, where the first Tithe takes place after fifty years and in the gardens of the manor the wedding between Feyre and Tamlin is celebrated, but it's interrupted by the arrival of Rhys, who overhears Feyre's pleading for someone to save her through the bond between them symbolized by the tattoo on her hand.

After Feyre returns from her stay at the Night Court, Tamlin goes to see her in her painting studio and is enraged due to her lack of interest in the gift he has brought her so with his magic he destroys the room. He later goes on a mission with Lucien and leaves Feyre locked up in the manor and she has panic attacks.

Sensing it through the bond Rhys sends his cousin Morrigan to look for Feyre, and after she breaks into the mansion Alis asks her to take care of Feyre.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After returning from Hybern pretending to have been kidnapped by Rhysand and kept under a spell, Feyre makes her way to her old room, only to discover that it is covered in thorny vines since she left. She is transferred to other rooms in the opposite wing of the manor.

When the Hybern delegation consisting of Jurian and twins Dagdan and Brannagh arrive at the manor they are welcomed by Tamlin and told that there are rooms prepared for them, but the twins say that they want to sleep in the same room so Feyre assures them there is no problem. They then wgo to eat in the dining room, where the twins try to enter the minds of Tamlin, Lucien and Feyre but thanks to her daemati powers she is able to realize what they are doing and summon a shield to prevent them from accessing their minds.

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  • The gardens extend to the edge of the Western Woods.
  • There is a fountain in the garden where Rhys once left the head of another faerie nailed as a joke towards Tamlin.
  • It also has a temple for the High Priestess. Following the events of Under the Mountain, Ianthe held this position until her death.


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