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Be happy, Feyre.

–Tamlin to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Wings and Ruin

Tamlin (pronounced: Tam-lin[2]) is a High Fae and High Lord of the Spring Court. He brings Feyre Archeron to his court in Prythian after Feyre kills his friend Andras. He is a close friend of Lucien.


Early Life

Tamlin was born in the Spring Court, the youngest of the three sons of the High Lord of the Spring Court and his mate. Tamlin's father was a friend and ally of the King of Hybern and Amarantha and often went on trips to Hybern sometimes bringing Tamlin with him as a child. That was how he first met Amarantha and when she first decided that she desired him to be her lover. He never reciprocated her feelings as he grew up.

During the war, Tamlin was too young to fight. He never expected – never wanted – his father's title. Tamlin's brothers would have never let him live to adolescence if they had suspected that he did. So the moment Tamlin was old enough, he joined his father's war band and trained so that he might someday serve his father, or whichever of his brothers inherited the title. In the war band, there were contests to see who could write the dirtiest limericks Tamlin didn't particularly enjoy losing, so he took it upon himself to become good at them. Tamlin believed from an early age that fighting and killing were the only things he was good at.

During various court functions over the years, Tamlin and Rhysand, the heir to the Night Court got to know each other. Rhys being a half-breed Illyrian who had to prove himself and defend his power, saw what Tamlin was going through and befriended him. Rhys sought Tamlin out whenever he was able to get away from war-camps or court and taught him some Illyrian techniques. Rhysand's family disapproved, but Tamlin's father felt threatened by him, sensing Rhys's power and knowing that he would become the most powerful High Lord and that his court supported mortals. And because he was weaker than both Tamlin and Rhys, he wanted to prove to the world that he wasn't.

When Rhys told Tamlin that his mother and sister were going to camp alone and that he had plans to meet them but in the end, he didn't go, and he assumes Tamlin told his father where they would be. Tamlin's father, brothers, and him set out to the Illyrian wilderness. His father and brothers slaughtered Rhysand's mother and sister. They put their heads in boxes and sent them down the river – to the nearest camp. Tamlin's father kept their wings as trophies pinned to the wall of his study. Tamlin carries pain and guilt regarding their deaths, and would throw up each time he saw the wings.

When Rhys and his father heard, they winnowed to the edge of the Spring Court that night, then went the rest of the way on foot to the manor. When they got there, Rhys held Tamlin's brothers' minds and slew them on sight. However, when he got to the High Lord's bedroom, he found the High Lord and his wife dead, killed by his father, even after he had promised not to touch Tamlin's mother. Then the High Lord of Night went for Tamlin's room. Rhys tried to stop him, but his father didn't listen. He was going to kill Tamlin too, but Rhysand couldn't let his father do it. So he stopped his father before the door. But when his father tried to go through him, Tamlin opened the door, saw them – smelled the blood spilled from his father's room, and killed Rhys' father in one blow.

Moments later, the powers from the two deceased High Lords shifted to both of them respectively, crowning them both as the new High Lords of their court. After that, Rhys ran from the Spring Court, and they had a deep hatred for each other ever since.

At some point, shortly after the murders, Tamlin burned the wings of Rhysand's mother and sister out of respect for the dead.

Most High Lords are trained from birth in manners and laws and court warfare but Tamlin was never intended to become High Lord so when he inherited his father's title, many of the late High Lord's courtiers defected to other courts rather than "have a warrior-beast snarling at them".

After Beron Vanserra the High Lord of the Autumn Court killed his youngest son's lover, Lucien cursed his father, abandoned his title, and the Autumn Court leaving for the Spring Court. Without his title protecting him, Lucien's brothers thought to eliminate one more contender for the High Lord's crown. Three of them went out to kill him. They crossed into the Spring Court territory, Tamlin, now High Lord could do what he wanted with trespassers threatening the peace of his lands so Lucien killed one and Tamlin killed another, only one returned home. He claimed Lucien as his own – named him emissary of the Spring Court since he'd already made many friends across the courts and had always been good at talking to people, something that Tamlin found difficult.

Years later Amarantha still desired Tamlin but even though Tamlin rejected her she kept insisting so she attacked Lucien, gouging out his eye and leaving his face full of scars. Enraged, Tamlin taunted her by telling her that not even her sister wanted her, that she had preferred a human over her. Later, Amarantha invited the Spring Court to a masquerade as a peace offering, and the reason it was a masquerade was so that Lucien could hide his scarred face. The entire court went and during the party, Amarantha cursed them to never take off their masks and told Tamlin that she gave him seven times out of seven years to find a human who hated Fae but would love him. If that happened the curse would be lifted and they could take off their masks and be free, otherwise Tamlin would be her lover and his entire Court would live as prisoners in her court Under the Mountain.

Tamlin sent his men to the other side of the Wall every day to see if they could find a human with a hatred for the Fae in her heart to love him, but after many years of not finding her, he had given up hope.

A Court of Thorns and Roses

Nearing the end of the forty-nine years set by Amarantha, he sends his friend Andras over the wall in the form of a wolf, and he is killed by a girl named Feyre, who hates faeries because of her upbringing.

The next day, Tamlin goes looking for her in his beast form, a bear-like body, wolf head, and elk horns. He destroys her cottage's door and storms into it, asking who killed the wolf. When Feyre confesses it was her and asks the beast what the price is, he replies "a life for a life". When Feyre requests the beast not to end her life there but do it outside, so that her family does not have to clean her blood from the floor, the beast tells her that she could fulfill her debt by spending the rest of her life in Prythian. Feyre's father encourages her to do it and never come back. She leaves with the beast but for the few minutes they move through the woods, she looks for a way to run away or kill the beast. She is then knocked out by the beast with magic and kept unconscious throughout the whole trip.

The beast goes back to the cottage and glamours Feyre's family to think she left to take care of a sick aunt and her father's ships were found across the sea. The beast, Tamlin, sends them gold and jewels to ensure their well-being after he takes Feyre, who is their only source of food.

Feyre regains consciousness in the Spring Court and arrives at a nice, seemingly empty, manor. She is taken into a dining room by the beast who with a flash of light transforms into a blonde, young man with a mask, Tamlin. Tamlin offers her food, which she refuses. He sends her to have a bath and come back. When she returns, she still refuses to eat, believing that she will be spelled. They are joined only by Lucien who initially starts mocking her for being human and looking starved. Tamlin tries to get her interest by telling her she looks clean and well-dressed, which she dismisses as pathetic flirting. Due to her continued distrust, he magically chains her to the seat and promises not to release her until she eats, Feyre obliges and is sent to her room and not a cell, to her surprise.

Although they had a rocky start eventually he gains Feyre's trust and interest. He continuously leaves the manor to take care of problems within his land, sometimes taking her for strolls.

The night of the Calanmai, when Tamlin returns from the celebration and is drunk with magic, he finds Feyre on her way to the kitchen. He starts seducing her and bites her neck. Feyre slaps his face and tells him she is not a second plate, however secretly enjoyed it and would like to share a bed with him. Still intoxicated with magic, he refuses and walks away. After these events, the interest between them becomes more obvious.

One morning while having lunch, Rhysand enters the manor. Before he gets to the dining room, Lucien glamours Feyre to not be visible to him. Rhysand comes to the Spring Court to pass a message from an unknown woman, later revealed to be Amarantha. Before Rhysand leaves, he notices the extra plate on the table and recognizes Feyre's smell. He destroys the glamour and using his powers, reads and grabs Feyre's mind, hurting her and scaring Tamlin. He threatens to tell Amarantha about her existence.

After this, Tamlin decides that Feyre will be safer with her family in the Mortal Lands. The night before she leaves he goes to see her in her room and they end up making love and before she leaves he tells her that he loves her.

After Feyre's departure, Amarantha attacks the Spring Court, and all of its residents, including Tamlin, are taken to Under the Mountain. Learning that something is wrong in Prythian, Feyre returns and goes Under the Mountain to rescue them, confessing her love for Tamlin. Amarantha agrees if Feyre survives three trials. Tamlin is silent and unmoved throughout the whole interaction between the ladies and following trials so that Amaranthat would not know how much he loved Feyre, otherwise she would do the impossible to kill her.

Only the night before the third trial Tamlin approaches Feyre when she is left alone. He takes her to a room behind the throne and starts kissing her.

After the third trial is over, Amarantha is enraged when Feyre manages to find the strength to stab Tamlin in the heart, realizing that he had a heart of stone and therefore the stab would not kill him. Amarantha tries to kill her by breaking all the bones in her body and when Feyre gives her the correct answer to the riddle that she had posed before the first trial, Tamlin's curse disappears and he kills Amarantha. In order to save Feyre's life, Tamlin along with the other High Lords, Made her a High Fae.

Tamlin then returns to the Spring Court with Feyre, Lucien, and the rest of his court.

A Court of Mist and Fury

Three months after the events Under the Mountain, Tamlin and Feyre got engaged. Feyre said she was overjoyed and that it was the best moment of her life. However, they are still battling with the traumatic events that marked them. Tamlin and Feyre mutually decide to ignore the issues they are having, pretending nothing has happened. Feyre's physical and mental health continued to deteriorate, as well as Tamlin's, and Tamlin refused to let her leave the manor alone without sentries, as he believed the monsters Hybern was sending to his borders would try to capture her. He spends most of the day out of the manor killing those monsters and when he comes back at night they have sex and then sleep in their own rooms. Tamlin became very paranoid. While Feyre throws up at night from her nightmares, Tamlin wakes up in cold sweats from his, and turns into his beast to keep watch out of paranoia that someone will try to kill Feyre.

He assigns the High Priestess, Ianthe, to help Feyre with the wedding. Ianthe spends the majority of the day with Feyre advising her on how to dress and behave. Feyre ultimately allows Ianthe to boss her around and make all the choices, even as far as choosing a ridiculous dress that both she and Tamlin dislike. During sex, Feyre desperately begs Tamlin to not give her a title and to not give her any Court responsibilities. She does not want to be his equal. Tamlin says okay and Feyre tells him she couldn't bear being a High Lady. Tamlin confesses to Feyre that she will be a consort only and that High Ladies have never existed in Prythian.

He also reinstates the Tithe in his Court after 50 years, and when very gluttonous water wraiths cannot pay due to their ways, he tells them that they have three days grace. If they don't pay in three days, Ianthe tells them she will grant the High Lord hunting rights. Tamlin offers them another choice as well, to pay double in compensation next month. Ultimately, Feyre feels bad and gives them her jewelry to be able to pay their tithe. Tamlin argues with her for doing that, telling her that it undermines his leadership and laws, and that if he makes an exception for one person, everyone will want an exception too.

Tamlin tries to apologize later by gifting her new paints. Feyre confesses that she feels like she is drowning. Tamlin's magic blows up and destroys his study and he lets out a sob (most likely because he feels the same and has tried his best). Feyre protects herself from the explosion by creating a wall of air around her body. Tamlin is immediately pained and remorseful. She immediately forgives Tamlin for what happened.

On the day of the wedding, Feyre is not sure she wants to marry him as he has become very cold and distant, however, she can barely speak and pauses when walking down the aisle. Tamlin realizes what is happening and reaches out a hand for her. Suddenly Rhysand appears to take Feyre away to the Night Court, calling in the bargain she made with him Under the Mountain, and does not let her explain or cancel the wedding. Rhysand takes Feyre away despite Tamlin's refusal. Tamlin warns him not to hurt her. Later it is revealed that he couldn't fight for her because fighting a bargain is considered a really harmful and dangerous act. It can result in the death of the person who fights the bargain or it can kill someone he deeply cares about.

This event infuriates Tamlin and in pain and anger, he destroys part of the manor. When Feyre returns to the Spring Court, Tamlin asks her to tell him everything she heard and saw in Rhysand's territory, and makes her a spy to gather all possible information about the Night Court and Rhysand. He then tells her that he will find a way to keep her from having to return.

When Rhysand comes to get Feyre a second time, Tamlin tries to kick him out. However, his mood changes from demanding to pleading. He offers Rhysand anything in exchange for ending the bargain, an offer Rhysand refuses.

Feyre comes back and Tamlin tells her that there is a threat on one of the shores of his territory and leaves the house with Lucien, leaving her shielded with magic wards. This is the straw that broke the camel's back and Feyre has a panic attack begging for someone to rescue her. Rhysand sends his cousin Morrigan to fetch her in order to not give Tamlin an excuse to attack his court.

When Tamlin comes back to the manor and doesn't find Feyre he guesses what has happened and for that reason he starts looking for a way to get her back, as he fears what Rhysand will do to her with his magic, having the horrible reputation for debauchery and torment that he has. He later sends Lucien, along with his sentries Hart and Bron to look for her in the Illyrian Mountains, with orders to take her by force if she refuses to return, again thinking Rhysand would be controlling her. When they return without her he turns his attention towards aiding the war against Hybern and fake-allies himself with the King of Hybern so that he can spy for the Courts. The King says that due to Tamlin being his ally, he will break Feyre's bond with Rhysand in exchange for allowing him to use the Spring Court for his army to enter Prythian to destroy the wall with the power of the Cauldron. Knowing he could not stop him regardless, Tamlin allows them at the wall in exchange for Hybern not harming his people and being able to monitor their whereabouts in his Court.

When Feyre, Morrigan, Rhysand, Cassian, and Azriel are in Hybern to nullify the Cauldron's power with the Book of Breathings and are captured, Tamlin continues to act so he can keep his spying foothold, and shows his false alliance with the King. He tries to convince Feyre to come back. She refuses and the King realizes the mating bond between her and Rhysand, as they are mates, something that shocks Tamlin. When Feyre, in an attempt to make her friends flee, pretends that Rhysand has preyed on her mind and body, making her believe she loves him instead of Tamlin. Tamlin then asks the King to break her bond with the High Lord of the Night Court, fearing for her, and he does, but without knowing he has actually broken their bargain from Under the Mountain, not the mating bond. They then return to the Spring Court, Tamlin does not suspect he is letting into his home the High Lady of the Night Court, who has a direct line of thought with Rhysand and will tell him everything that is going on at court and their plans. Tamlin still does not fully trust her due to what he believes Rhys did to her, and does not tell her he is actually a spy.

A Court of Wings and Ruin

Once again at the Spring Court, Tamlin accompanied by Feyre, Lucien, and Ianthe, are part of the welcome to the Hybern delegation made up of Jurian and the twin nephew and niece of the King: the prince Dagdan and princess Brannagh.

They come with the supposed mission of inspecting the weaknesses in the wall, but later it is revealed that since they arrived they are poisoning the residents of the manor with faebane in small doses so it wouldn't be noticed but the effect is cumulative.

Feyre begins to collect all the information that can be useful to her, from plans to number of troops and locations of attacks. During her stay, she tries to weaken the western border to make it easier for Hybern. She also tries to make Tamlin and Ianthe jealous by being close to Lucien and causing him to lose his faith in Tamlin by goading him into and allowing the latter to hurt her during one of his explosions of magic. She also sows discord among the residents of the manor, especially the sentries, by showing them that Tamlin will always side with Ianthe, still not knowing he is a spy and has no choice but to play along. Feyre had entered Ianthe's mind and goaded her into her nefarious plan to frame a sentry for falling asleep and losing a key that Ianthe gave monsters to play a hero. Ultimately, the sentry is lashed for the indiscretion. Later, through her daemati powers, Feyre implants in Ianthe's mind the idea that after killing Dagdan and Brannagh she had to flee because Tamlin did nothing to stop them from trying to kill her. She told Ianthe to tell everyone who would listen that she and Tamlin allowed her to be harmed. The news spreads through the court and an internal rebellion takes place that gives way to the forces of Hybern having no resistance when it comes to invading them.

When the High Lords agree to hold a meeting the event is at the Dawn Court Palace, the residence of Thesan, the High Lord of the Dawn Court, as it is the place closest to the Middle. The meeting is attended by the seven High Lords with their delegations and after several discussions and altercations regarding Tamlin's true allegiance, Tamlin ultimately admits that he was never an ally to the King, or a traitor, but a spy. He gifts them all with large packets of information that he collected on Hybern's plans for the war, including their large caches of faebane, and where their legions would be stationed. All Courts finally agree to join forces against Hybern, with the exception of the Autumn Court who leaves after Feyre shows that when she was revived, each of the High Lords gave her a bit of their power unknowingly, and after he is attacked by Feyre and Eris is attacked by Azriel.

After the meeting, Rhysand and Feyre discuss Tamlin, to which they admit they had been wrong about him being an ally to the King. Feyre asks Rhys if he truly believes Tamlin has been working for the Courts the entire time. Rhys says yes and perhaps they had done Tamlin a disservice by believing that he was just some warrior brute.

During the second day of the meeting they hear a great noise and Nesta Archeron, who has a connection to the Cauldron, tells them that the King has used it to destroy the wall.

Tarquin offers asylum for the citizens of Tamlin's court in his territories since he is actually their ally against Hybern, and the enemy army invaded the Summer Court through the border with the Spring Court which Feyre had allowed to happen by weakening it.

After the battle that occurred in the Winter Court, while in the war camp, the Cauldron tricks Elain Archeron, Feyre's sister, by posing as her ex-fiancé Graysen, and brings her to Hybern's camp, from where she is rescued, along with Briar, by Feyre and Azriel with the help of Jurian (who shows he has never really been on Hybern's side but is a spy) and Tamlin, who also happens to be a spy.

When they learn that the final battle will take place in the Mortal Lands of the south of the island, the High Lords agree to transfer to Adriata as many mortals as possible to save their lives. After that, the armies march to the battlefield, where the Bone Carver and Bryaxis (recruited by Feyre) and Stryga, the Weaver, (recruited by Rhys) also arrive to aid them in battle. A short time later they are joined by the forces of the Spring Court led by Tamlin and the Autumn Court (Beron had to be threatened and dragged by the neck by Tamlin) as well as an army of mortals led by Jurian and Graysen.

Knowing that the only way to win is for Amren to be released in her true form to kill all the remaining Hybern soldiers who are still fighting even though their King is dead, she goes into the Cauldron and Feyre reads the spell from the Book of Breathings to release her. During Amren's release, the Cauldron explodes and she emerges in her true form of fire and light and kills all remaining enemies.

As the world is connected to the Cauldron, a void is beginning to be created around its remains, as a way to save the world they know, Feyre and Rhysand unite their powers to reforge it. So much effort is required that Rhysand dies during the process and after Feyre begs them, the other High Lords (including Tamlin, who after a moment of hesitation just tells her to be happy) give him the kernels of power necessary to revive him as they had done with Feyre in Under the Mountain.

At the end of the war, he attends the meeting called by Feyre in the ruins of the Archeron's Estate to renegotiate a new Treaty between faeries and mortals, after which he quickly leaves.

A Court of Frost and Starlight

After the end of the War with Hybern Tamlin is devastated. His manor is in ruins and he lives alone in it since his servants have left and his subjects still believe everything Feyre had made them believe during her previous stay at court.

Lucien goes to see him several times out of pity but stops doing so at Tamlin's request after Rhysand visits him and is brutal, aggressive, and antagonistic toward him. Tamlin is practically dead in life and does not even bother to protect his territory from foreign invasions. He knows that Beron covets the Mortal Lands south of Prythian but has no sentries to guard his borders. He refuses to let Rhysand lead his Illyrians into his territory but agrees to Summer Court soldiers be sent by Tarquin.

He is sorry for everything he has put Feyre through and when he asks Rhysand if she will forgive him, he tells him that he is not the one to answer that question.

He tearfully asks Rhys if he will ever forgive him for his mother and sister, and the conversation only leads to more aggression. Rhys ultimately tells him that he does not deserve thanks for resurrecting him or for saving his family at the Hybern camp. He continues on to say that he should rot there and that he deserves to be miserable, before winnowing away.

A Court of Silver Flames

Unable to overcome his guilt and grief Tamlin has been staying in his beast form, his estate, once lovely has fallen in despair. Rhysand has been visiting Tamlin regularly trying to bring him back and making sure he was on the side of the Courts still, and capable of leading the Spring Court as the Night Court might need his forces eventually.


Tamlin is described as strikingly handsome and young in appearance (he looks like a man in his early twenties--Feyre claims he looks a few years older than her in A Court of Thorns and Roses), he is tall with tanned skin and a warrior’s build, honed to perfection over several hundred years of training. He is first seen in his Fae form wearing an exquisite golden mask embedded with emeralds shaped like whorls of leaves that cover his nose, cheeks, and brows. He has long golden blond hair and deep green eyes flecked with gold. He tends to wear warrior's clothes, preferring practicality to finery.

His beast form is a horse-sized creature with a bear-like body that moved with a feline fluidity, a distinctively lupine head, and massive elk-like antlers. But lion or hound or elk, there was no doubting the damage his black, dagger-like claws and yellow fangs could inflict. In his beast form, Tamlin maintains his green eyes.


Tamlin is initially a very strong, quiet person describing himself as not very good at making friends or talking to people. He believes he is only good at war and killing people, aside from his skills at playing the fiddle. He repeatedly refuses Amarantha's advances and does his best to keep his Court safe from her after his father dies, even though he never wanted to be High Lord. Tamlin has always shown kindness to humans and refused to harm them after what his father and brother did to them, having always sympathized with them.

Tamlin was shown to have a short temper. After the events that happened Under the Mountain Tamlin becomes extremely paranoid and fearful for Feyre's life, making her wander with a guard. Feyre ultimately leaves the Spring Court when Tamlin shields her in the Manor so she cannot fight Hybern hoards with him and Lucien. Most likely thinking the letter from Feyre was forged, and having great fear for her due to the fact that Rhysand was considered a monster to all the Courts, he sends Lucien to look for her. During his spy mission at Hybern, Feyre believed him to be a traitor due to her anger for him shielding her in the Manor previously. She did not know he was actually a spy. When she pretends to be Rhysand's victim and begs him to take her home to the Spring Court, he fears greatly for what was done to her and takes her back, not realizing she was scheming to destroy his Court. However, he does not fully trust her, and does not tell her he is on a spy mission against Hybern to help the Courts on the war. This leads him to pretend to befriend Hybern's niece and nephew, making Feyre continue to assume he would betray Prythian despite his strong hatred for The King of Hybern and the history with the despicable male that she had been told about in A Court of Thorns and Roses.

Powers and Abilities

Tamlin is known for his immense brute strength and the ability to shape-shift. He can change his own shape into that of a horse-sized beast with a bear-like body and the head of a wolf. He has been known to grow claws when his temper rises. He can also change the shape of others and turn many members of his court into wolves when he sends them across the wall in the hope of breaking his curse.

As a High Lord, he has numerous magical abilities that include glamour magic that can be used to make people see and think things he wants, he demonstrated the ability when he glamoured Feyre's family into believing that she went to live with a wealthy and elderly aunt, however, this glamour didn't affect Nesta and her steel mind. He can winnow himself across vast distances and during the events of A Court of Wings and Ruin he showed some skill in wind manipulation. He also tells Feyre in A Court of Thorns and Roses that if Amarantha did not have a damper on his magic due to the curse, he would have been able to fully heal the blue fairy whose wings had been ripped off.


Feyre Archeron

In the commencing period of A Court of Thorns and Roses, Feyre is bound to Tamlin due to the Treaty between their lands. Tamlin takes her to his court, the Spring Court, where she is free to roam but forbidden to escape. As the story progresses, her feelings for Tamlin blend from bitter cold to a burning passion. Eventually, Feyre and Tamlin fall in love. Towards the end, after sending Feyre back to her home to keep her safe, Tamlin is taken to Under the Mountain because of the fact that he was unable to break the curse put on him by Amarantha. Feyre, unable to control her love for him, ventures out to Under the Mountain. There she has to face either three trials waiting to be completed and/or a riddle to be solved to claim her love, Tamlin. After successfully completing them Amarantha goes against her word of giving Feyre, Tamlin, and the rest of the people of Prythian's lands freedom. She attempts to kill Feyre and succeeds but is shredded to ribbons by Tamlin after.

Tamlin with the help of the High Lords of the courts brings Feyre back to life making her an immortal High Fae. They leave Under The Mountain to return to the Spring Court, their home.

It is revealed that Tamlin had grown controlling and obsessive, seeing Feyre suffering Under The Mountain led him to believe that she needed protecting. He forbade her to leave the grounds without guards and in his own trauma, he didn't fully notice that Feyre was not eating and was painfully thin. Eventually, he went so far as to shield her in the house. After she is taken out of the Spring Court by the Night Court, Tamlin turns his attention to spying on Hybern by pretending to be an ally for vital war information to help the Courts. While there, he is betrayed by Ianthe. During the ordeal, Feyre feigns being under Rhysand's mind control and pretends to love Tamlin again to save her friends. Tamlin took Feyre back to the Spring Court, unaware he had just led her in to destroy his people and himself.


Tamlin had a rocky relationship with his family, save his mother, whom he cared for deeply, and mourned her death.

Lucien Vanserra

Tamlin has been close friends with Lucien since he fled his home in the Autumn Court and joined the Spring Court. Lucien is Tamlin's right-hand man and emissary. They could usually be seen eating together and chatting animatedly with each other. After the events of A Court of Wings and Ruin, Tamlin and Lucien share a strained and difficult relationship.


When Tamlin was younger he knew Amarantha. She was there when his father forced him to go to meetings with her and Hybern. Amarantha began to lust for him in those years. However, after the war, and the death of Tamlin's father, she left those shores, and when she returned Tamlin didn't trust her. Amarantha cursed Tamlin during a masquerade ball, every member of the Spring Court who attended her party Under the Mountain would be unable to remove its mask until a human woman who hated the faerie kind was willing to love Tamlin. She did this because Amarantha wanted to make Tamlin her lover but after Amarantha had gouged out Lucien's eye, he refused. Tamlin also told her he'd rather bed and marry a human woman.


  • Feyre says in A Court of Thorns and Roses that Tamlin has a crisp, rain, and earthen scent.
  • He has a fiddle that he likes to play from time to time as when he was young he planned to run away with a traveling company to play music.
  • The bloodline of the High Lord of the Spring court possesses five crowns. Tamlin wears a golden crown molded into a wreath of spring's first flowers, crafted with emeralds, sapphires, and amethyst.
  • When he is holding court Tamlin sits on a giant throne of carved roses.
  • He often wears a leather bandolier that contains Illyrian's daggers.
  • Tamlin is lightly based on Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Tamlin and Feyre's love story is loosely based on the ballad Tam Lin. The story revolves around the rescue of Tam Lin by his true love from the Queen of the Fairies.
  • Sarah J. Maas stated in an interview that Tamlin would be sorted into Gryffindor if he attended Hogwarts.


  1. In A Court of Thorns and Roses it is said that the War occurred 500 years before the events of the book and in A Court of Mist and Fury Rhysand says that Tamlin was born at the beginning of the War and that it lasted 7 years so if we add in the year between the beginning of A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury then Tamlin is 508 years old.
  2. Sarah J. Maas' Tumblr: Pronunciation Guide

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Former Tamlin's Grandfather · Tamlin's Father · Nostrus · Silene's Father-in-Law · Silene's Husband · Silene's Son · Rhysand's Grandfather · Rhysand's Father
Spring Court
Characters Tamlin · Feyre Archeron (former) · Lucien (former) · Alis (former) · Alis's Nephews (former) · Gwyneth's Grandmother · Ianthe † · Tamlin's Grandfather † · Tamlin's Father † · Tamlin's Mother † · Tamlin's Brothers † · Andras † · Bron · Hart · Water-wraiths · Goat-legged Fawn · Ianthe's Father · Ianthe's Mother · Ianthe's Sisters · River-nymphs · Spring Court Sentry · Tamlin's Stableboy · White Mare
Locations Cave · Eastern Woods · Lake · Pool of Starlight · Southern Woods · Tamlin's Manor · Temple · Village · Western Woods
Under the Mountain
Characters Tamlin (former) · Feyre Archeron (former) · Lucien Vanserra (former) · Amarantha † · Jurian (former) · Rhysand (former) · Beron Vanserra (former) · Lady of the Autumn Court (former) · Eris Vanserra (former) · Lucien's Brothers (former) · Tarquin (former) · Cresseida (former) · Varian (former) · Attor(former) · Middengard Wyrm † · Helion (former) · Kallias (former) · Thesan (former) · Nuan (former) · Amarantha's Daemati · Brutius † · High Fae of the Third Trial † · Female High Fae of the Third Trial † · Bron (former) · Hart (former) · Unnamed guards