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The Suriel are malevolent faeries that answer any questions asked of them if they are captured. They cannot lie. The Suriel Feyre meets is not a member of any Court.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

Eager for information, Feyre convinces Lucien to tell her how to find a Suriel. He reluctantly explains, making it clear that Tamlin mustn't know how she came by the information.

Using a dead chicken to lure it to her location, Feyre successfully captures a Suriel, and gathers information. A group of naga appear, and Feyre releases it before trying to protect herself. It flees, leaving her to fight the naga alone.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

In order to find a way to save Rhysand, Feyre captures the same Suriel from her first encounter, who tells her what Rhys has been poisoned with and how to save him. The Suriel remembers Feyre and the kindness she showed in saving it from the naga, and Feyre releases it once she has what she needs. She can't help but wonder whether it let itself be caught. The Suriel also reveals to Feyre that Rhysand is her mate.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

During a battle with Hybern's forces, Feyre rushes to find the Suriel and learn the whereabouts of Hybern's hidden forces. The Suriel appears without Feyre trapping it, and explains that the force has been hidden by the Cauldron's magic; because of this the Suriel cannot find it, as the Cauldron is older than it is. It tells Feyre that Nesta can track the magic, having been Made by the Cauldron saying, "Like calls to like."

The Suriel does reveal that the answer to nullifying the Cauldron's magic lies on the second and penultimate page of the Book of Breathings. It is then shot with an Ash arrow by Ianthe and two Hybern soldiers, after refusing to answer Ianthe's questions and tells Feyre to run. She hesitates, then steps out of hiding and leads the attackers to the Weaver's hut where she traps them. They are subsequently eaten by the Weaver. Feyre returns to the Suriel, who is dying. It reveals that it knew Ianthe was tracking it, but came to help her anyway because she showed it kindness. It makes a final request to Feyre, before dying.

Feyre Archeron...a request. Leave this world...a better place than how you found it.

–The Suriel's final request to Feyre - A Court of Wings and Ruin

Physical Appearance[]

by TheCleverCrow

The Suriel that Feyre encounters is described as tall and thin, veiled in dark, tattered robes so thin that the hard knobs of its spine can be seen. It is said to have a hunched back, spindly, scabby gray arms, and yellowed, cracked fingernails. Its head is bald and its teeth are gray and horrifically large. Its feet are described as bare and gnarled.

Feyre's description reads:

A face that looked like it had been crafted from dried, weatherworn bone, its skin either forgotten or discarded, a lipless mouth and too-long teeth held by blackened gums, slitted holes for nostrils, and eyes … eyes that were nothing more than swirling pits of milky white—the white of death, the white of sickness, the white of clean-picked corpses.

Peeking above the ragged neck of its dark robes was a body of veins and bones, as dried and solid and horrific as the texture of its face. It let go of the snare, and its too-long fingers clicked against each other as it studied me.

Feyre Archeron - A Court of Thorns and Roses

Its voice is described as at once one and many, old and young, and beautiful and grotesque. It claims to be able to smell when Feyre is lying to it.



  • The Suriel can be found in groves of young birch trees in the Western Woods, and has a weakness for freshly slaughtered chickens, which distracts it so it cannot feel the double looped snare around its feet. They cannot cross running water.
  • The Suriel is said to be older than Prythian, and even older than "the bones of this world."
    • The Cauldron, however, is older than the Suriel.
  • In A Court of Thorns and Roses, Alis tells Feyre later that all she'd needed to do to catch a Suriel is offer it a new cloak.
  • The Suriel that appears in the books is only one of many of the same species.
  • The Suriel once had a cloak that Ianthe had given it: it had a tracking charm on it to be triggered in Feyre's presence.
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