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This temple is the place where half of the Book of Breathings belonging to the Summer Court was kept.


After the War between faeries and mortals, the courts of Prythian forced the King of Hybern to sign a Treaty that said mortals would no longer be enslaved by faeries. The power of the Cauldron was also separated by keeping each of its three feet in a different temple to be guarded by a High Priestess. As a way to nullify the powers of the Cauldron if they were used for evil, the Book of Breathings was created and divided into two parts: one of them given to the High Lord of the Summer Court to its care and the other given to the Mortal Queens of the time since the Cauldron could be used to destroy the Wall.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Feyre Archeron, Rhysand and Amren go to Adriata, one of the cities of the Summer Court where the palace of Tarquin, the High Lord of the court, is located to search for the halve of the Book as they know that the King of Hybern is recovering the feet of the Cauldron to use its power to destroy the wall and dominate mortals. Feyre is in charge of looking for the Book and when she detects it on a temple ruin that is submerged by the sea most of the day, only visible at night, she asks Tarquin if he would show her the place, causing nervousness in this, and confirming the location.

After spending a day watching over the guards and any defenses the temple might have, Feyre and Amren venture to steal the Book while Rhysand keeps watch. In order to enter the power of the High Lord is needed, but as Tarquin is among the high lords who re-made Feyre after she died in Under the Mountain she possesses part of his power. Because of this they manage to enter the temple, which is frozen and filled with water up to the height of their chest. When Feyre touches the halve of the Book and tries to convince it that she is Tarquin, it realizes that she is not and activates the defenses, causing seawater to enter the temple to drown them. Once they manage to get out, Tarquin tries to drown them but they are rescued by Water-wraiths, who owed Feyre a favor for giving jewelry to one of their kind that did not have anything to pay the Tithe in the Spring Court. After that they flee with the Book and Tarquin sends three Blood Rubies marking them as mortal enemies of the Summer Court.

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