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My wings, she took my wings.

–The faerie before his death, A Court of Thorns and Roses

An unnamed lesser faerie from the Summer Court was killed by Amarantha after his wings are torn off. Tamlin and Feyre attempt to help him before his death.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

This faerie originated from the Summer Court. His wings were torn off by Amarantha and he was dumped on the border between the Spring Court and the Summer Court. Tamlin took him into the manor and attempted to save him. This commotion awakens Feyre who finds Tamlin carrying the injured faerie. Lucien is also with Tamlin, but vomited due to the horror of his pain, and leaves the room. Lucien was also a victim of pain inflicted from Amarantha, and found it hard to watch.

Tamlin and Feyre attempted to help the faerie, but Feyre realized that the faerie would die, and so holds his hand. Tamlin said a short prayer, and the blue-skinned faerie soon died. However, Feyre continued to hold his hand even after his death, as she would not like to die alone. The faerie is later buried in the grounds of the Spring Court.

Physical appearance[]

The lesser faerie has blue skin, gangly limbs, pointed ears, and long black hair. Feyre describes the texture of his hair "like liquid night." His face has long, unearthly features: a pointed nose, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. He is big in size, almost as big as Tamlin, and his skin is velvet-smooth and slippery with hands that feel almost leathery.. As a citizen of the Summer Court, he wears no mask, as only members of the Spring Court are cursed to wear masks. His wings were black and velvety. His skin shimmered with veins of pure gold, making him look much like an iridescent, blue butterfly.


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