The Summer Court is one of the seven courts of Prythian and one of the four Seasonal Courts. Tarquin is the High Lord of the Summer Court and the youngest of the High Lords. 

The Summer Court was one of the three courts, along with the Day Court and the Winter Court, to rebel against Amarantha's rule over Prythian which resulted in the former High Lord, Nostrus, and his family being killed by Amarantha. Afterwards, Tarquin, a prince and admiral of the Summer Court became the new High Lord. 

The High Fae of the Summer Court, like their Lord, have dark skin, white or silver hair, and are generally clad in loose, light clothing. Their eyes, however, come in every color and shade.

The Summer Court is bordered to south by the Spring Court. Its eastern border is the Autumn Court, and the northern border is the Winter Court.

The Summer Court boasts four cities, one of which is the city of Adriata where the High Lord of Summer spends the last weeks of winter and first weeks of spring. A palace is built atop a mountain-island in the heart of a half-moon bay. The city circles the island on three sides and spreads toward the sparkling sea.

One half of the Book of Breathings belonged to the Summer Court before it was stolen by Feyre and Amren. It was heavily guarded by Tarquin and his powers, but thanks to the snippet of power that Feyre acquired from him, she was able to slip through.


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