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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Dawn, Day, and Night. The seven Courts of Prythian, each ruled by a High Lord, all of them deadly in their own way.

–The Suriel to Feyre Archeron, A Court of Thorns and Roses

The Summer Court is one of the seven Courts of Prythian and one of the four Seasonal Courts. Tarquin is the High Lord of the Summer Court and the youngest of all the High Lords.


The Summer Court is bordered to south by the Spring Court. Its eastern border is the Autumn Court, and the northern border is the Winter Court.

The Summer Court boasts four cities, one of which is the city of Adriata where the High Lord of Summer spends the last weeks of winter and first weeks of spring. A palace is built atop a mountain-island in the heart of a half-moon bay. The city circles the island on three sides and spreads toward the sparkling sea.


When Prythian was formed, the land was split into seven Courts, the Summer Court being one of them.

Alis, a former employee of the Spring Court, and her sister were born in the Summer Court. At some point in her life, Alis's sister married a faerie and they had two children and fifty years before the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses, both Alis's sister and her husband were murdered and Alis was left in the care of her nephews. With the help of Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court, Alis managed to send her nephews to a remote location to safety.

When Amarantha began to frequent the Courts of Prythian, the Summer Court was no exception, so the then High Lord, Nostrus, lost much of his powers because of her. The Summer Court was one of the three courts, along with the Day Court and the Winter Court, to rebel against Amarantha's rule over Prythian which resulted in the former High Lord, Nostrus, and his family being killed by Amarantha. Afterwards, Tarquin, a prince and admiral of the Summer Court became the new High Lord. 

When Feyre Archeron freed Tamlin and the Spring Court from Amarantha's curse and Amarantha killed her, the other Courts were also freed.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Rhysand, Feyre and Amren visit the Court in search of the half of the Book of Breathings found in Prythian. There they are greeted by Tarquin, the High Lord, and the princes of Adriata: Cresseida and Varian.

Once there, Feyre was able to trace half of the Book of Breathings to a temple that was most of the time submerged in the ocean, only accessible when the tide went down in the night. It was heavily guarded by Tarquin and his powers.

Feyre and Amren managed to enter the temple thanks to the snippet of power that Feyre acquired from Tarquin's powers but when they tried to take the book, it discovered that they were not the High Lord and tried to drown them. They were eventually rescued by the Water-wraiths who owed Feyre a debt and fled back to the Night Court, where they received three blood rubies, one for each, marking them as mortal enemies of the Summer Court.

Known Residents[]


  • The High Fae of the Summer Court, like their Lord, have dark skin, white or silver hair, and are generally clad in loose, light clothing. Their eyes, however, come in every color and shade.
  •  Their livery is blue and gold.

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