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This sentry works for the High Lord of the Spring Court, in Prythian.


This Fae worked as a sentry for Tamlin and lived in the soldiers' barracks located on the territories of his manor.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

After Feyre Archeron returned to court from her alleged abduction by Rhysand, the High Lord the Night Court, Ianthe, the High Priestess put this sentry to sleep on the night of Midsummer and stole the keys to the manor's grounds while he was on duty. She then caused parts of the grounds to dry up and thus pretend that the nagas were the culprits and intended to attack the manor, something she later made known to Tamlin, who ignored her and told her that it was surely a gardening problem.

Days later the naga actually attacked the mansion and Ianthe killed some of them, so when Tamlin questioned the sentry, he told him that he did not know what had happened because he had never fallen asleep during a watch in his life. Then Feyre made him remember that he had seen Ianthe steal her keys but she denied it and urged Tamlin to give him twenty-one lashes. After a few moments of doubt and Feyre imploring him not to do it, Tamlin whipped him in front of the other sentries, who began to hold a grudge against their High Lord for not taking his version of events into account and taking Ianthe's side, who only cared about anyone with status.

The next day, before going on an expedition to the Wall, Feyre stopped by the barracks to see how the sentry was doing, something appreciated by his companions Bron and Hart.

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