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This lake is located somewhere in the Spring Court.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

After the events of Under the Mountain, the High Lord of the Court, Tamlin, decides to reinstate the Tithe on his lands; a bi-annual event in which all the citizens of the Court have to bring gifts, whose value depended on the income and status of the faerie, to ensure their livelihood.

Water-wraiths live in this lake, and when one of them comes to Tamlin with no gift to give in the Tithe and tells him that she will not be able to pay because there are no more fish left to eat in the lake, the High Lord is enraged and tells her that she should pay the Tithe anyway, otherwise after three days he will hunt her down for trial. Shocked by what is happening, Feyre Archeron, the consort of the High Lord, tells Tamlin that he does not need fish, that he can dispense with the payment of the water-wraith, but he still refuses to accept a no for an answer. Because of this Feyre, furious, leaves the room and goes to where the water-wraith is and gives her the jewelry that she is wearing so that she can pay the Tithe and buy food.

The water-wraith asks what she wants in exchange, and she answers that nothing since she knows what it is to go hungry, but the water-wraith tells her that she will not forget her kindness.

Later, when Feyre and Amren are trapped in the temple of the Summer Court that contains one of the parts of the Book of Breathings, and are about to drown, they are saved by water-wraiths who tells her that their debt to her is paid.

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