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The Southern Woods are forests located in the southern region of the Spring Court of Prythian, bordering the Wall.


A Court of Thorns and Roses[]

After Andras was killed by Feyre Archeron, Lucien Vanserra decides to take care of the watch of the area that belonged to his friend before, considering it an honor. On one occasion he takes Feyre with him and when they are in the forest they are intercepted by the Bogge, who, seeing that neither of them reacted to its presence, left. Later, when Lucien tells Tamlin about the encounter, he goes out to find Bogge and after days of searching he finds and kills it.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When the princes of Hybern, Dagdan and Brannagh travel to the Spring Court with Jurian to investigate the weak points of the wall by order The King of Hybern they go to the southern woods accompanied by Feyre and Lucien. During one of the expeditions they encounter a group of Children of the Blessed, whom the princes want to kill but Feyre prevents them from doing so. The next day they find the bodies of the mortals since the princes crossed the wall at night and killed them to show that they do not obey orders from Feyre, so as a form of revenge, she looked for a new Bogge and had him attack the princes.

Some time later the group return to the forest, now in the company of Tamlin and Ianthe, the High Priestess of the court, and while there Feyre is poisoned by the princes with the faebane, but before it takes effect she witnesses how Ianthe intends to abuse Lucienm enraged she use her daemati abilities to enter her mind and has her crush her hand with a rock repeatedly so that she will not touch someone again without their permission.

Both Dagdan and Brannagh witness the act and when they attack Feyre they are killed by the joint efforts of Feyre and Lucien.

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