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A secret shame, a secret history, a secret weapon - all hidden within our bloodline.

–Silene, House of Flame and Shadow

Silene is the youngest daughter of High King Fionn and High Queen Theia and the wife of a former High Lord of the Night Court.


Early Years[]

Silene is the daughter of Fionn and Theia and the sister of Helena. She grew up in the Dusk Court, raised by her mother after the death of her father. Like her mother and her sister, she inherited the powers of the Dusk Court: starlight and shadows.


When she was a teenager, her mother opened the door to another world, Midgard, so they could conquer and colonize it.

Theia eventually started suspecting her allies and asked her daughters, who possessed the same powers she did, to go to their allies' palace to spy on them. There, Helena and Silene spent a month living in the shadows and discovered that their allies were not Fae as they had initially stated, but Daglan: parasites who conquered world after world, feeding off the magic of the Fae.

Only then did Theia tell her daughters she had lived under the Daglan's rule for long and that she had killed their father and taken his crown. She offered no apologies and tried to find a solution to their problem instead. But it was too late.

After the army Theia gathered failed to defeat the Daglan, Theia asked her daughters to get out of Midgard and go back to Prythian. She used the Harp to take the star in her chest and split it into three shimmering balls of light, one drifting into Silene's chest, one to Helena's, and the last one returning to Theia's body. She gave Helena the Horn and to Silene she gave the Harp and the Truth-Teller. Theia kept Gwydion to herself.

Helena then grabbed Silene's hand and ran towards the edge of the camp, towards a natural archway of stone that'd serve as gateway to their home world. Fae from their court rushed behind them, hoping to escape the slaughter that surely awaited them if they remained in Midgard. But Silene and Helena did not stop for their people.

Helena used the Horn as Silene used the Harp and the chamber under the Dusk Court appeared beyond them. Helena, however, didn't follow Silene and ended up saving Silene, sending her back to Prythian and staying behind. She bought Silene time, charging down the mountain and away from the gateway.

Crossing to Prythian[]

As Silene jumped between worlds, the Horn sounded behind her, closing the door between them. Silene fell on the stone floor of the chamber in the Dusk Court. She could hear screaming echoing through the walls of stone: the people who had reached the pass and banged on the walls to be let in. Silene ignored it until it all went quiet again.

Having decided that the knowledge she possessed would die with her, she left the Harp in the stone chamber and walked through the halls of her old home. It had been empty since they had left and so Silene decided to turn it into stone, to curse it and erase it from history. She turned the rooms into rock and captured a monster to conceal the evil that still hung in the air. Using the Truth-Teller, she trapped beasts within the walls of the Dusk Court, turning them into cells and warding the doors. The land became barren and the islands surrounding it shrivelled. The Dusk Court then became the Prison.

The Night Court[]

Silene eventually became the wife of the High Lord of the Night Court, refusing to be High Lady because she had seen what her mother's power and ambition had done to her. When her first son was born, Silene took him to the Prison and keyed the wards into his blood, and the knowledge of where his starlight power had come from became lost in history.

When her son was old enough, Silene told him of their history - she told him about the Daglan, about the Trove, and about the secret weapon she had left behind that could defeat the Daglan. That knowledge was to be passed on from heir to heir so that their bloodline would always know of their past.

Legends & Myths[]

Silene didn't want her mother's story to become known so she spread myths and false information so that her mother became a whisper in time; a legend. She made sure no record of her mother survived and spun lie after lie. The only proof of her existence was the carved tunnels under the Dusk Court/Prison and the hologram she left to be heard by her heirs before she passed away. However, over time, the oral recounting of the true history of the Prison and Queen Theia that was passed down to her descendants was eventually lost and forgotten.


Silene is a beautiful High-Fae female with a heart-shaped face, long dark hair, and clear blue eyes.

In one of the carvings under the Prison, she is depicted as Fae nobility wearing ornate robes and fancy jewelry.


Even though we don't know much about her, Silene seemed to harbor some regret over her family's history.



Helena was older than Silene by five years and loved her sister very much. She sacrificed herself to save Silene and send her back to Prythian, while Helena remained in Midgard and ended up surrendering to Pelias, marrying and having his heirs.

Silene, too, loved her sister very much and cried when they got separated.


Despite her ambition and cruel pursuit of power, Theia appeared to love her daughters very much. She hands them the Trove and the weapons to defeat the Daglan but asks them to leave while she fights Pelias.

Power and Abilities[]

  • Dusk Starlight & Shadows: Like her mother, Silene is Starborn and has the power of starlight and shadows inherited from the Dusk Court that allows her to wield the Trove and the Truth-Teller.


  • Azriel says she looks like Rhysand's sister;
  • Silene leaves a secret weapon to defeat the Asteri in the Prison;
  • "Silene" is a flower that symbolizes unchangeable yet dim love;
  • Silene was the one who created the Prison by locking monsters inside of its chambers.
    • It is possible that Silene is the Ancient Female Fae responsible for sealing the Bone Carver, Weaver and Koschei in their respective prisons. Given that it was Silene who created the Prison. However, the Bone Carver's comment about her bloodline being long gone does not align with this theory as the Starborn Line still exists. It is unknown and unconfirmed if she is the same female warrior or has any connection to her.


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