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I became the Sidra, ancient and deep.

Feyre Archeron, A Court of Mist and Fury

The Sidra River, or simply known as the Sidra is a broad, winding river sparkling like deepest sapphire that flows through Velaris and sank into the sea gulf of the city. The Sidra is loitered by ships with sails of varying shapes, making it navigable. Two Palaces are located on the southern side of the Sidra and another two on the northern. Amren's apartment has a view of the Sidra River.


During his childhood, Rhysand would sneak out of the House of Wind and fly around the city, the Sidra River, and the sea.

A Court of Mist and Fury[]

Rhysand gives Feyre Archeron a tour of the city of Velaris. They walk through the various Palaces in the city, located close to the Sidra River. Feyre learns about the city and how it was protected from Amarantha's rule. She also learns the names of the various parts of the city, including the Sidra River.

During Hybern's attack on Velaris, Feyre manipulates the Sidra River and bends it to her will. Feyre was gifted the power of water manipulation from Tarquin, one of the seven lords who resurrected her into a High Fae. She uses this power to manipulate the Sidra and create wolves out of water.

House of Sky and Breath[]

The following section contains details and spoilers for the Crescent City series

After Bryce Quinlan manages to escape the Asteri by opening a gate to travel through the worlds to reach Hel in order to request aid from the Princes, she accidentally lands somewhere in Velaris near the Sidra River instead, carrying with her the Starsword. Azriel finds her, blindfolds her, and flies her to a residence, carrying her to the living room. There she meets the rest of the Inner Circle and Nesta.


  • The Gulf of Sidra, also known as the Gulf of Sirte, is a body of water in the Mediterranean Sea on the northern coast of Libya. It is unknown whenever the Sidra River depicted in the series is inspired by this sea, or whenever this link is unintentional.
  • A shop mentioned several times in A Court of Mist and Fury is the shop with "lacy little things" and is located near the Sidra.
  • The name Sidra means Star Born. Possibly an Easter egg for the Starborn Fae in the Crescent City series.
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