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Shadowsingers are a special kind of faeries that have the ability to wield and control shadows. They can hear and feel things others can't and can merge into the shadows as well as transport through them.

Shadowsingers are very rare, and the only known living shadowsinger is the Night Court's spymaster, Azriel. Like daemati, shadowsingers are coveted by courts and territories across the world.


The powers of a shadowsinger are as secret and mysterious as the shadows themselves. They are incredibly stealthy. They are often surrounded by shadows and are said to have the ability to feel and hear things that others can't. They can control and manipulate shadows, merging into them or using them to transport in a manner similar to winnowing.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

When Feyre Archeron first meets Azriel, she notices how he is surrounded by shadows. As she is watching his interaction with Morrigan, a shadow curls around his ear and he faces her quickly, as if the shadow whispered her movements to him.

Azriel is able to travel with shadows just as the High Fae are able to winnow, and can use them to blend in and appear invisible. This comes in handy with his job as Rhysand's spymaster.

It is shown that Azriel is able to hide the shadows surrounding him, as he does so when visiting the Archeron estate to appear less "other." However, it can be inferred that it requires a lot of extra thought and focus as Azriel spends a majority of his time cloaked in shadows. The only people whose presence have made his shadows brighten and even disappear are Mor, and Elain Archeron.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

While on a mission with Feyre to rescue Elain, who had been kidnapped by Hybern, Azriel is able to sneak in to Hybern's camp by merging into the darkness.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Azriel's powers are referenced.

Known Shadowsingers[]

  • Azriel - Spymaster of the Night Court.