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The Seraphim are winged faerie warriors, whose wings resemble those of angels.


The Seraphim are the people of Prince Drakon, a distant relative of the Peregryns. They are supposedly the counterpart to the Illyrians, whether through their weapons or appearance. They currently reside on an island called Cretea, which is hidden from the rest of the world.

Seraphim blades are slimmer and lighter than Illyrian blades, and some have slightly curved tips.

General Appearance[]

Seraphim are humanoid in appearance. They have white feathered wings.


A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

With inevitable war against Hybern, Rhysand, the High Lord of the Night Court of Prythian sends Azriel to visit Miryam and Drakon in hopes of gaining their help and seraphim troops. However, his island, Cretea, contains nothing but ancient ruins. It seems that they had fled after hearing that Jurian was trying to hunt down Miryam. At the end of the battle with Hybern, Miryam and Drakon appear to the rescue of the United Courts of Prythian. It is revealed that the "ruins" seen were nothing more than a spell to keep enemies away, but that the wards had worked so well that they prevented their friends from finding them as well. Throughout this time, Miryam and Drakon were in fact safe and sound. Together with the seraphim warriors and army of mortals they had found, they provide the troops the United Courts of Prythian needed to defeat Hybern.


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