Ressina's eye for design was impeccable, good enough that I'd asked her to help me plan the river-house. That's what I was calling it. Since "river-manor"... No. "House" it would be, even if it was the largest home in this city.Feyre talking about the river house, A Court of Frost and Starlight

The river house is the home Rhysand and Feyre build together to support their growing family and the Inner Circle.


During the attack on Velaris, many of the homes of the residents were destroyed. In the aftermath of the destruction Rhysand explains to Feyre that many of the people fled to the country with family, or they died fighting for their homes. One such family who lived along the Sidra, the river that winds through Velaris, found their house destroyed and left to live with relatives.

For a Solstice present, Rhysand buys the land for Feyre to build a house for the Inner Circle of the Night Court. She designs and builds the home by the end of A Court of Frost and Starlight.

It is described as a manor house more than a townhouse by Nesta when she visits in the Epilogue of A Court of Frost and Starlight. The front entrance opens to a grand hall with winding staircases to the upper levels of the house. It is referenced that Feyre may have built a studio for herself, a training ring for the Illyrians, an office, a giant library for Amren, a garden for Elain, a master bedroom with a bath big enough for two, and a nursery. On the bottom floor there is a sitting room full of books, comfy chairs, and a fireplace.

During this visit Nesta notes that the house is filled with paintings by Feyre. There are paintings of landscapes, scenes from the previous books, and the Inner Circle. Nesta notes that there is even a painting of her father and Elain. There isn't one of her though.

As a mating present to Nesta, Feyre gifts her a portrait of Nesta holding the line at the Pass of Enalius. This portrait now hangs on the wall in the Grand Entry.

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