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Rita's is a pleasure hall in Velaris where people can dance and gamble. Rhysand's Inner Circle often frequent this establishment, particularly Morrigan who visits Rita's the most.[1] It is an LGBTQ hangout.


A Court of Mist and Fury[]

One night, Feyre Archeron and Rhysand's Inner Circle go dancing at Rita's. Mor immensely enjoys being at the dance hall and goes there almost every night.

A Court of Wings and Ruin[]

When Mor confesses to Feyre that she prefers women, Mor tells her that Velaris is a haven for faeries like her. She also mentions that the owner of Rita's is interested in women, and that the pleasure hall itself is an LGBTQ hangout.

A Court of Frost and Starlight[]

Feyre notices that Mor spends more and more time at Rita's and prods her friend to tell her if something was happening with anyone. Mor only playfully pushed Feyre away, and the question was left unanswered.

A Court of Silver Flames[]

When Nesta presents herself early when she is summoned at the River House, Cassian jokes that is a good omen for gambling, and they should head to Rita's to do so.

Later, Cassian reveals that the last time he was intimate with a female was a month before Amarantha had fallen and it had been with a female he met at Rita's. They headed to the alley outside the pleasure hall and had sex against the brick wall. It was only swift release for them both, and it was over within minutes.


  • According to Mor, it took her four centuries to convince Azriel to come with her to Rita's, which shows how old the pleasure hall is.


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