Rhysand's sister was the daughter of the former High Lord of the Night Court. She was a half breed High Fae and Illyrian like her her brother Rhysand.


Rhysand's sister lived within the Night Court with her brother, father and mother.

While she was young, her brother befriended Tamlin, the son of the High Lord of Spring Court. She and her mother traveled to a Illyrian war-camp to meet with Rhys, however Rhys had decided to stay in the Illyrian camp. Rhys tells Tamlin about this, and Tamlin relays this information to his father and brothers. They traveled to the Illyrian wilderness and murdered both Rhysand's mother and sister. They kept their heads in boxes and sent them down the river to the nearest camp. Tamlin's father also kept their wings as trophies. Upon infiltrating the Spring Court, Feyre attempts to seek out these wings to give them back to Rhysand to provide him with some peace. She found out through  that Tamlin burned both their wings some time after the murder.

Rhysand tells Feyre that his mother was the one to make all her dresses. She was also the person who gave the Weaver Feyre's engagement ring with the reason that the girl who managed to steal back the ring would be strong enough to rule the Night Court.


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