Rhysand's father was the High Lord of the Night Court. He was killed by Tamlin and his son succeeded him as High Lord shortly after.


Rhysand's father lived within the Night Court and held the title of the High Lord of the Night Court. One day, he winnowed into an Illyrian camp and saw a woman whose wings were about to be cut. The mating bond between both of them clicked into place and Rhysand's father immediately made her his bride the same evening. He also made sure that his mate's wings were not cut.

His wife later became pregnant to Rhysand, a half-breed Illyrian and High Fae.

When Rhysand became older, he befriended Tamlin, the son of the High Lord of the Spring Court. Rhysand's reveals information about his mother and sister to Tamlin who relays this information to his father and brothers. They traveled to the Illyrian wilderness and murdered both Rhysand's mother and sister.

Rhysand's father learns of his wife and daughter death, and immediately travels to the Spring Court with Rhysand. He kills Tamlin's father and mother. He then walks to Tamlin's room with the aim to kill him. Rhysand attempts to stop him but is interrupted by Tamlin who kills Rhysand's father after discovering the bloodshed that occurred in the hallway.



  • Rhysand's father was nine hundred years old when he married Rhysand's mother, who was eighteen.

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